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    TK 1000pts, needs some help. EDIT: Lots of Help.

    Ok, So I'm rushing to get a decent force together so I can tackle some dwarves in particular. First off, I understand both that the natural dispel abilities of dwarves and the low points level really hamstring TK, but I'd like to get this together so I can at least play some games and get some experience while I finish painting my Chaos army.

    Lich Priest: 135pts
    Hieratic Jar

    Tomb Prince: 187 pts
    Spear of Antarhak? (the healing one)
    Enchanted Shield
    Light Armour

    Chariots: 120 pts
    3 Chariots

    Skeleton Bowmen: 80pts
    10 Skeletons with bows

    Skeleton Warriors: 180pts
    20 Skeletons with Hand Weapons, Light Armour and Shields

    Ushabti: 195 pts
    3 Ushabti

    Screaming Skull Catapult: 80pts

    Total: 987pts

    So I have 13 pts left, what should I get? Just chuck another Skellie in somewhere? Or is there a little bit of wargear I've over looked?

    Most of all, do I have a hope in hell against dwarves? Looking at probably fighting an army with X2 blocks of 20 dwarves, 1 Block of 10, a Bolt Thrower, A group of thunderers and Quarrelers and a Thane and Slayer Hero.

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    Lots of help incoming.

    The nasty thing about dwarfs is their warmachines and their shooting. You want to take units that can deal with that, and deal with it fast. Carrion are excellent for taking out war machine crews, and Tomb Scorpions coming from beneath the sands are even better, though their tendency to not arrive until the damage has been done spoils them a bit.

    Against dwarfs you want to be in combat as soon as possible, to deny his shooting. So, I would take out the unit of 20 skeletons, and replace them with some horsemen and more chariots. Also at 1000 points, I would not give the Tomb Prince a magic weapon - a simple great weapon will suffice, and he'll still be nasty in combat.

    Versus dwarfs, I would make a list something like this below. I put this together quickly and it needs a lot of tweaking, but it may give you an idea of what should work against dwarfs.

    Tomb Prince, great weapon, light armour, riding a chariot with the Icon of Rulership (so he is US5, and can negate ranks on his own - but beware of cannonballs).

    Liche Priest, Hieratic Jar

    10x Skeleton Bowmen

    10x Skeleton Bowmen

    6x Heavy Horsemen

    6x Heavy Horsemen

    3x Chariots

    5x Carrion

    Tomb Scorpion

    = 988 points

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