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    Tomb Kings 2000pt test list, opinions please

    This is the first time I've really looked at my Tomb Kings since the 7th ed came out (I've been rather busy painting Eldar). This is the new test list I've come up with, and would be greatful for comment and criticism.

    Tomb King: Great Weapon, Light Armour, Collar of Shapesh – 204
    I think a Tomb Kings Army should always be lead by a Tomb King. He goes in the Skele Unit.

    Hierophant Khatep: Golden Ankra – 155
    Can either do in the Skele Unit or the Bowmen Unit

    Liche Priest Enkhil: Dispel Scroll, Enkhil’s Kanopi, Casket of Souls – 325
    The Casket is just awsome, especailly in bigger games

    Liche Priest Neferra: Dispel Scroll, Cloak of the Dunes – 160
    Flying lets him be in the right place at the right time

    4 Tomb Swarms – 180
    Now that all Swarms crumble, these are probably the best swarms in the game.

    11 Bowmen – 88
    Bit of shooting and cover for the Hierophant

    19: Skeleton Warriors: Light Armour, Shield, Champion, Standard Bearer, Banner of the Undying Legion – 216
    King Body Guard and battleline Middle

    3 Chariots – 120
    Flankers mainly to give some width

    Tomb Scorpion – 85
    Character hunt/support role

    Tomb Scorpion – 85
    Character hunt/support role

    3 Carrion – 72
    Take out War Machines/March Block

    3 Ushabti – 195
    Flank the Skele Unit

    Screaming Skulls Catapult – 90
    Long range fire power and panic causer


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    So have you gotten a chance to try the list out? And you think about throwing tomb guard in as your main unit to be with the king? Because a tomb king in a unit of Tomb Guard with Collar of Shapesh and Destoryer of eternities is pretty hard hitting, especially if the guard has banner of undying legion or rakaph. And personally I'd put the cloak of dunes on your Heirophant, to keep them safe and at a distance, because they WILL be targetted and if it is destroyed... well... look at the LD of skele's... hope this helps! But in the end, it's your army you'll bring to the tabletop, so I hope it goes well.

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