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    Help a newbie field a 2K TK army with these figs

    Ok…I am BRAND NEW to WFB. My FLGS was blowing out their TK minis and I grabbed a whole lot of stuff for about 70% off list price. Here is what I have and I was wondering if someone might take the time to offer me a first game 2000 point army list using only the minis that I have (or even tell me nicely that with the minis I have, I cannot field a good 2000 point army). I have the TK army book and 7th edition book.

    I have:

    1 blister containing 1 Tomb King
    1 box set containing Tomb King mounted on Chariot
    1 blisters containing Liche Priests (1 mounted, 1 on foot)
    2 blisters containing Tomb King Army Standard Bearers (1 mounted, 1 foot each)

    1 box of Skeletons (16 figures)
    1 box Tomb Guard (10 figures)
    2 blister of Tomb Guard Command (Standard Bearers, 1 Musician, 1 Champion)

    1 box of Chariots (3 chariots and crew)

    1 Screaming Skull Catapult (box)

    1 Ushabti (1 blister) (I know I need 2 more to field this unit, so presume I have 3)
    1 Tomb Scorpion (1 blister)

    1 Tomb Queen Nerfherder (blister)
    1 Settra the Invincible (box)

    1 Casket of Souls (box)
    1 Bone Giant

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    Unfortunatly you don't have the three core units for 2k points. get another unit of chariots and make the Tomb King your General or get something like Tomb Swarms.
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    WOW, thats a lot of stuff, and at 70% off, cool! As stated, you only have upto 2 core choices at the moment, but if you grab one more box of skeleton warriors, you can field quite a nice 2K list. id suggest do not use your spacial characters until you have played quite a bit and are familiar with the rules and army.
    there may be a few mistakes as i dont have my army book on me, but i think ive pretty much memorised it. id suggest starting with smaller games, but here we go for 2K:

    Tomb King (general) 251pts
    Collar of shapesh, Armour of the Ages, vambraces of the sun, great weapon
    joins tomb guard

    Tomb Prince, 192pts
    Chariot, Enchanted shield, light armour, spear of antarhak
    joins chariot unit

    Liche priest (hierophant) 160pts
    Cloak of the Dunes, Hieratic jar
    alone but out of enemies sight, can fly for safety

    Liche priest 280pts
    Casket of souls
    preferably on a hill with good field of vision


    20 skeleton warriors, 185pts
    Hand weapons, shields, light armour, musician

    10 skeleton warriors, 80pts
    hand weapon, bows

    3 chariots, 165pts
    standard bearer, banner of the undying legion (magic banner)


    Tomb guard unit
    (you will need to use here the 10 tomb guard, one command as an actual command, one command as just normal tomb guard, and 2 skeleton warriors left over):

    18 tomb guard, 286 pts
    Full Command (champion, musician, stanndard bearer. Icon of rakaph (magic banner)
    use 3 ranks of 6, +1 in a 4th rank due to the king

    3 Ushabti
    Tomb scorpion
    combined = 280pts, as i cant post individual points costs)

    Screaming Skull catapult, 110pts
    with skuls of the foe

    (casket of souls, points cost included with liche priest)

    Total, 1989 pts

    Fairly solid and standard list, although you have plenty of options. What do you think to it?
    If you have any questions feel free to post them here. Good luck with the army and happy gaming : )

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    Welcome to TK and congrats on the good bargain on the models. Now, lets get on to business.

    With the models you have you won't be able to swing a 2k list. Here's what I would suggest you pick up to beef up your collection:

    -2 more boxes of Skeletons
    -2 more Usabiti
    -another Tomb Scorpion
    -another box of Tomb Guard (not the command blister)

    With that you should be able to scrape up a decent 2k list. Also, most people here probably aren't going to build a list for you becuase that really doesn't help you any. We don't know your playstyle or what you want to do with your army. However, everyone here will be more than happy to comment on any lists that you make and post.

    So in closing my suggestion to you is to write out a sample list or two of an army that you want to start with. Post it up here, get comments and critiques, and then get whatever models you need to round it out.

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