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    TK Battalion box army list help please

    Hi. I just bought my kid the battalion box of Tomb Kings. Please help me design a competitive list that he can use from the box content. He needs heavy help building (dont want him to smell the glue) and building army list since he is 5 and can not read. I play Slaanesh chaos and DE and don't know too much about this army but I have the army book.

    The box contains 32 warriors - i was considering making 20 FC armed with sword and shield for the extra save. Would it be better with spear and shield to fight in 2 ranks?

    With the remaining 12 i was going to make him archers - good idea?

    3 chariots - will build as is.

    8 horsemen - dont know if ithese would be best with shield/spear or bows - what would you suggest.

    Additionally he has 1 ushabti, Khalida, liche priest (mtd and on foot), army standard bearer (mounted and on foot), tomb guard command

    What would you recommend he get next: I was thinking 2 ushabti so he can have a unit and tomb guard - any ideas?

    Thanks for your help

    ~Sybaris Slaay

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    It is difficult to make a competitive Tomb King list when starting out at low points, because of the way the army works. Tomb Kings only really get good at 2K+, but ill have a good go at a list with what is available.

    First of all, never give skeletons spears. they arfe not there for kiling, they are there for static combat resolution.
    For the skeletons, make 20 with hand weapon, shield and light armour, and a musician and standard bearer as command for this unit (champions are a waste in all tomb king units imo, apart from tomb guard)
    make the chariots as normal
    Tomb King heavy cavalry are poor, the word heavy is a joke. make up 6 of the cavalry as light (no command). Thats the most you will ever want for one unit. keep the other 2 horsemen unmade for now, they can be made up/used for spares later on.

    For now, proxy the tomb guard champion as a tomb prince, or use khalida as a proxy ''tomb princess''
    Also take both of the priests you have, tomb kings need magic to be effective (generally)

    So, for a suggested starting list: (850points)

    Tomb Prince (general)
    Collar of Shapesh
    Great weapon
    Enchanted Shield
    Light armour
    Joins large skeleton unit

    Liche Priest (hierophant)
    Cloak of the Dunes

    Liche priest

    19 skeleton warriors
    hand weapon, shields, light armour
    musician, standard bearer

    10 skeleton warriors

    5 skeleton light horsemen

    3 Chariots
    (no command)

    (Note: the prince can either use just a great weapon, for killing tougher enemies, and just have the 4+ collar save, or use hand weapon and enc. shield, and get a 3+ save in CC, and the collar's save. just for options, better than just taking a few more skellies)

    As for next purchases, 2 ushabti would be good, and possibly a third, they are so much better in units of 4.
    Also, get a Tomb Scorpion, they are amazing for the points.
    As is a Catapult, my personal favourite unit in the army.

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