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Thread: Tomb Kings 2k

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    Tomb Kings 2k

    In a week or two I'll be going from playing 1K games to 2K games and I've been mulling over my list a little, thought I'd post it and get a bit of feedback.

    Tomb King - Chariot, Flail of Skulls, Chariot of Fire, Collar of Shapesh, Light Armour

    Liche Priest - Staff of Ravening, Steed

    Liche Priest - Dispel Scroll x2

    Liche Priest (Hierophant) - Cloak of the Dunes, Hieratic Jar

    3x Chariot - SB, Icon of the Sacred Eye

    20 Archers

    20 Archers

    2 Tomb Swarm

    3 Tomb Scorpion

    5 Carrion

    2 Screaming Skull Catapult - Skulls of the Foe

    = 2000 pts exactly

    Although I havent played with it yet and initially didnt like the idea, I'm sort of for dropping the Icon in favour of Banner of the Undying Legion on the chariots, although I'm not sure there's a better use for the excess points it'd generate.

    I like the carrion to allow some maneuverability or artillery/backline offense; the swarms and scorpions can help with that too against a static opponent. Catapults do their ubiquitous thing, Chariots are there to counter charge or pre-emptively charge (and hopefully break) anything that gets close. Archer blocks I'm favouring over skelly blocks at the moment since I'm going to be playing a lot of Empire (pistoliers, outriders) and Skaven (ratling guns, warp lightning), archers being cheaper and able to do something semi-effective at range.

    Any comments (particularly on the TK equipment, Collar of Shapesh+Chariots w/ Undying seems ok to me, or simply Collar to spread wounds into chariots one by one and still lose no actual models) welcomed.

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    Not too bad. i cant see anything which id immidiately suggest changing. Play with this list, see how it works for you.

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