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    New to Warhammer Fantasy... TK army help?

    Ok, I haven't yet bought the army yet, but I was thinking that I'd purchase the battalion and a box of skeletons, and make it so my army consists of roughly=

    Tomb Prince
    Liche Priest

    2xUnits of 16 Skeletons with bows
    8 Skeletal Horsemen

    15 Tomb Guard
    3 Light Chariots

    I was wondering what people's advice on this (as a beginner's army) was... any q's/c's/c's would be very much appreciated. Also, in case anyone asks, I'd attempt to convert the 16 skeletons with hand weapons from the battalion into the Tomb Guards.

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    Units of 16 skellies dont maximise on the 'sponge' effectiveness and role of the tomb king skellie block. Also, i wouldnt bother with small units of tomb guard yet, only larger blocks at higher points, as they are quite expensive. Just put all your skelles into core troops.
    With almost 50 of them, make up half with bows and half with hand weapon and shield. Heres what i do, i have 20 bow skellies and 20 handwaepon shield. I use 10 of each n a unit, and at the moment i field all bow skellie units of 20, by putting the bowmen at the front and the hw/s in the back ranks. i get no complaints and its easier and cheaper then buying loads of skellies.
    Apart from that, theonly other thng is to make the cavalry up as light cav, but you will only ever want to ue 5 or 6 as a unit, so 2 will be going spare from the batallion, but that doesnt matter.
    I think you can make a decent 750-1000pt list with that.

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