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    Tournament Ladder Help

    Hey fellow LO members.

    My local gaming club is running a tournament ladder based, well tournament.
    Once you have signed up as an army, you are not allowed to change, and sign ups were posted before rules were let out to prevent power gamers from tooling their lists to the participating armies. I chose Tomb Kings, but here lies the dilema, to work my way up to the 2000 point level, I have to win multiple 1000 and 1500 point games. I have never playing a game under 2k am quite nervous as I am aware that TK are not the hottest army out there under 2k. The following armies are signed up as of yet.

    Tomb Kings (me and another)
    Ogre Kingdoms x3
    High Elves x2
    Wood Elves.
    and possibly a Vampire player (about 50/50 at this point)

    I come to you in search of help against these foes, and to defeat them I am in dire need of help.

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    Mmk... lets have a think. Ogres shouldnt be too bad, nor, at 1K, should HE or Dwaves really. WE will always be a pain, but you gotta live with that.

    So im guessing you are starting at 1K then yes??

    I recommend:

    Prince w/ GW, Collar of Shapesh
    Hierophant w/ Cloak of Dunes + Hiaretic Jar/Mighty Plaques
    Liche Priest
    19 Bow Skellies w/ music, Prince here
    Scarab Swarm
    3 Chariots
    Tomb Scorp
    3 Carrion
    Screaming Skull Cata. w/SotF upgrade

    993 or 998 pts, depending on what you give the Hiero or the Hjar or MPs

    Play defensive mainly.
    Tactics wise... if the enemy has warmachines, ICFB the swarm and Scorp. Try and get a 1st turn magical charge with the Carrion.
    Aim the SSC at a large or armoured enemy unit, get in lots of vital kills.
    Start the Prince with the SSC, so he can use his magic. Start the bow skellies 1 wide. Before the enemy gets too close, move the Prince to the Skellies and reform to 5x4.
    Use the Chariots for a swift charge when the enemy gets near.

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