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    My First Battle, battle report and rants!

    Okay, so I was perhaps a little bored...

    The Army March

    The wind blew in from the east, caressing Rahtmep's face like the sensual touch of a king's concubine. The wind, however, also carried with it the foul stench of the lizardmen who had amassed their slithering forms on the other side of the field. The booming noise of their primitive drums rolled over the field like thunder. The lizardmen's horde was great, outnumbering the proud vanguard of Lybaras two to one, not that it would matter. They would be crushed under the heels of the long dead warriors of Nehekhara, who would march on as proud and stoic in death as they had been in life milennia ago. The relentless Condor Legion would prevail and bring much glory to the High Queen.
    Rahtmep gazed over the perfect lines of warriors he had summoned for the Prince's war party. One thing that worried him was how the inexperienced Prince Khabanaku II had deployed the infantry. But Rahtmep had witnessed thousands of battles and knew better than to question the generals. The foul lizards were indeed numerous, he thought, and by the looks of it determined not to let the Condor Legion sweep through the valley without a fight. The beating of the drums died out and the feral snarl of the enemy general launched his soldiers onward to where the army of the dead awaited them, silent and unmoving as statues, golden armor glimmering like a thousand suns.
    The Great Casket, though hastily and ill-positioned erupted in a burst of light but failed to slay as many opponents as Rahtmep had hoped. Enemy cavalry on cold ones moved in on the casket with terrible speed, seemingly undaunted by the sheer terror that the old relic radiated. The Prince Khabanaku II ordered the bowmen to fire and moments after the first volley flew through the air, arrows blessed by the Asp godess rained down on the enemy cavalry. Rahtmep chanted the ancient words of an incantation and released a bolt of bright force which struck a saurus cavalryman straight in the chest, killing the creature in an instant, it fell to the ground with a sickening crunch, flesh smouldering.

    Moments later, the enemy cavalry reached the casket. The lizardmen's general, a particularly large specimen of their race, struck down Rahtmep's brother priest with a mighty stroke of its crude blade and than overran into a sternguard unit of ushabtis, the glorious guardians of the Gods. Tough Rahtmep felt sorrow and anger for the desecration of the casket, and the loss of his priest brother, the trap was sprung. Time seemingly stopped to flow, the mad charge of the lizardmen cavalry reached the ushabti but before they could strike Prince Khabanaku II urged his retinue of Tomb Guard into the flank of the saurus cavalry. Rahtmep chanted again, channeling his anger into a mighty incantation that blessed the blades of the tomb guard, smiting the enemy. Much slaughter was brought to the lizardmen.

    The saurus commander challanged the Prince in a final desperate act, which was gladly accepted by the eager Prince. Though the Prince suffered gruesome wounds he ran the lizardman through, spilling guts onto the ground. The lizardman was beheaded on the Prince's return stroke. The ushabti then unleashed their attacks, annihilating the cavalry with their huge ritual blades. Meanwhile, the bowmen were loosing ground to the furious onslaught of three Kroxigors, threatening the left flank. Furhtermore, through the woods on the left flank a pack of salamanders broke through the underbrush and spewed forth the very fires of the underworld. Ignoring the lizardmen infantry advancing from the right, Prince Khabakanu II ordered his tomb guard to reform and secure the left flank toghether with the ushabti.

    The left flank was in turmoil, the defenders' bones cracking under the heavy footfall of the kroxigors and the burning flames of the salamanders. Things were even worse, however, as another thich-hided great weapon wielding saurus moved with the swiftness of a leopard through the woods. The Prince, now desperate, charged into the Salamanders, killing as he went. The salamanders broke and fled the field from the terrible onslaught, so did the saurus champion who witnessed the Prince's assault. This act however, left the flank unprotected and the kroxigors charged in. The tomb guards fought heroically but were cut down, the prince himself was dragged down in the thick melee. The ushabits arrived moments too late. Seeing their beloved Prince dragged down, they fell their blades on the kroxigors, cutting a bloody swath through the giant lizards.

    With so much bloodshed the two armies broke from battle, having seen enough carnage for one day. Rahtmep, Liche Priest of the Eastern Desert, gazed around the battlefield. Bodies littered the ground, perhaps they had underestimated the brute force and number of the lizardmen. In the ruins of what had once been the prince's personal bodyguard Rahtmep found the Prince, barely alive - if something dead could be living at all. Rahtmep ordered the Ushabti bearing the likeness of Djaf, the jackal-headed god, to carry the Prince back to the war camp so his body could be restored. The statuesq forms of Qu'aph and Pakth recoverd the Great Casket from the piles of dead lizardmen. Broken but not defeated, the army of Lybaras marched back in perfect silent columns.

    The wind blew in from the east, whispering soothing words like a king's concubine, to those we left behind...

    * * *

    Army List - 1500p (Pitched Battle)

    Hero: Tomb Prince, light armor, gw, collar
    Hero: Liche Priest, CoD, HJar (Hierophant)
    Hero: Liche Priest, dispel scroll (casket)

    Core: Skeleton Warriors, bows, x22
    Core: Light Cavalry x5

    Spec: Scorpion
    Spec: Ushabti x4
    Spec: Tomb Guard, BotUL, x19

    Rare: Casket of Souls

    * * *


    1.) I really didn't like how the terrain was setup on the table, which quite literally bothered me and I'm sure, given some more time, could have done a better job at deployment. I practially gave the casket away, having it overrun the second turn. Yeah I know, that is quite unforgivable and I don't know what I thought, perhaps I thought it would have a better effect on his troops. Either was a turn it, I would have been boxed in by terrain in one table corner which would have made casket LoS a real big problem, at least now I got to enjoy the casket for 1 turn - I liked it though, going to use it again for sure.

    2.) Secondly, I had expected more skink priests which thus made me choose the above 'magic heavy' list. A friend of mine who also plays Tomb Kings, and had struggled with the same lizardmen army but then with 3 skink priests - I expected the same. But instead, the lizardmen player had brought an 'all out melee' force because he thought he'd be facing dwarves. Guess we double-screwed each other on that one.
    He fielded 2 blocks of infantry, one block of saurus warriors with hand weapons, one block with spears. 3 Kroxigors, 3 salamanders + skink herders, one unit of 10 saurus cold one riders with a nasty hero. Another free-roaming hero boosted by slippers of jaguar speed. Damn those lizardmen are nasty, tough, strong, half his list caused fear so I could do little there. Plus it felt like all his models had a minimum of 3 attacks, or 2.

    Accepting the challange from his hero mounted on a cold one was suicide, my prince survived and killed his hero in return, but it could really had gone either way. He had 5 attacks or something, including the cold one. I was lucky there, should have accepted with my tomb guard champion instead, and just kept the prince in the game.

    3.) This was my very first game, I can honestly say I had no real feel for the flow of the game, how fast things move in reality, how deadly flank attacks are, how bad skeleton warriors are at killing things. My tomb scorpion never saw action, again a very very stupid move from my part. Why the hell didn't I realize his all out melee force was going to advance all the time? Well, who knows, but I ICFB:ed my scorpion behind his lines, by round 3 when it emerged, it was all alone on his table edge - great... Oh, and my little light cavalry unit forgot to fire for about 2 rounds so instead of doing something, they just sat there - they could at least have tried to put out the fire in my brain ;-)

    Overall though, I'm pretty pleased, point-wise the game was my win, I had 505p left at the end of turn 6, he had roughly around 470p. I avoided his two infatry blocks for the entire battle, focusing on the salamnders, cold one cavalry and kroxigors. I had some luck running those of the table, though in turn sacrificing the Tomb Guard and Prince in the process as the Kroxigors moved in.

    There's a lot of 'what if:s', had I rolled fairly better for the BouTL the very last turn, my Tomb Guards would probably have been standing, or at least the Prince. Either way, I was left with my Hierophant, 4 Ushabties and a tomb scorpion which makes me feel like there would have at least been a chance to taking on his infantry - one block at a time aided by the hierophant and scorpion. Well, lots of fun, no massacre, much have been learnt - it's all good :-)

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    Congrats on a tight win for your 1st game

    Slippers of Jaguar speed... i like that term, and may have to coin it for myself

    Dont worry too much about mistakes you made, its all part of the learning experience ICFB tactics, remembering to shoot, perfecting the casting order for your army, etc, will all come with time.

    Keep it up

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