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    Somewhat different :)

    Last night at our club, due to nearly everyone being consumed by Inquisitor (D&D with tall figures in my mind) I ended up playing my Khalida list TK vs my son's 40K Orcs.

    After a bit of tweakery, vehicles move at half speed, I only poison on 6's but 5's still hit and a few other changes on the fly we had a reasonable game.

    My SSC took out a Trukk (we decided to let it have toughness 6 instead of its armour value) and the archers thinned out a squad of boyz. 2 Swarm killed a biker before being squished under their wheels.

    Sadly for me he then reversed a Trukk containing Gazkull thrakka and 5 Mega nobz into my scorpion. After they dismantled it in one turn he then pummelled my TP and 24TG.

    The TK lasted 5 turns before we gave up.

    Unusual but quite amusing.

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    It sounds like you had a great time! I've heard from some of the oldies in my gaming club about them doing something similar a lot of years ago. It would surely be great fun if someone actually sat down and wrote rules for it to make it playable for everyone. I would love spanking some wood elves with my dark eldar!
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