How do you find yourself dealing with Mark of Slaneesh Chaos? - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    How do you find yourself dealing with Mark of Slaneesh Chaos?

    Since I play Tomb Kings and there are two VC players at our local store the WoC player has been running Slaneesh lists. The mark is cheap and REALLY effective. Normally Chaos Warriors would break against the sea of bones and slowly just get whittled down, however; with the Mark of Slaneesh they refuse to go anywhere which just sets up flank charges perfect as my skeletons find their flanks open often due to 2-3 units of Chaos Knights eating nearly everything else. Once my flank is open I just fall over and act as a one turn speed bump.

    The skeletons can never bring their Combat Res to bare where it is needed because they get tied up indefinitely while sucking incantations. All the while the hard hitters attempt to whittle down what they can but inevitably lose thanks to the powerhouse knights and added Mara Fast Cav just destroy me by overpowering my combat res. If I find myself lucky, even if I combine a charge with Ushabti and Scorps I seem to find myself at best breaking even on the charge leaving myself to be beaten down next phase and crumbled by combat res.

    How do you find yourself fighting fast Chaos? (i.e. 2-3 Chaos Knights, 2-3 Marauder Horsemen, and 1-2 units of Hounds to draw fire, with a couple assorted blocks of infantry....whatever strikes his mood)

    It is causing me some serious problems. Any help would be appreciated.

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