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    Tomb Kings v.s. Woods Elves tactics

    What are useful tactics against Wood Elves in 2000 pt. games?

    Lords & Heros


    Liche Priest (Hierophant)
    -Cloak of dunes
    -Hieratic Jar

    Liche Priest
    -Casket of Souls
    -Dispell Scroll

    Liche Priest
    -Staff of Ravening

    Core Units

    Skeleton Warriors x 24
    -Blessing of asp goddess
    -Musician, Standard Bearer

    Skeleton Warriors x 20
    -Blessing of the Asp Goddess

    Chariots x 3
    -Standard & Champion
    -War Banner

    Special Units

    Tomb Scorpion

    Tomb Scorpion

    Rare Units

    Screaming Skull Catapult
    -Skulls of Foes

    This army comes out to exactly 2000 points. I know that wood elves players in my area generally take a branchwraith and a lv 4 wizard, which is why this list is magic heavy. Are there any changes that could help with this list, or any tactics that are good against Wood Elves in general?

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    Seems to be an interesting list and it should cause some grief for wood elves as bowmen are nice especially with poisoned attacks. As well as that you magiceseems quite nice defensively to stop things like tree singing moving those trees around.

    Not so sure about the casket of Souls in this list and think that you could get better use out of another SSC, I say this because Elves generally have a high Ld and you would not get too many kills out of it to make it worth the points...

    If you drop the casket and grab yourself another SSC in its place you could get yourself a second dispell scroll which I think would be more handy as well as having a second Cat making it more destructive.

    You will have to watch for their hit and run tactics, that being said you have a nice list that will make them come to you... which is nice.

    With your chariot unit I wouldn't give them a champion its just not worth the points just for an extra attack... the war banner also seems a bit wasted on them so I would look at giving them something like the Icon of the Sacred Eye to give them some more potency in combat when they charge.

    Tomb Scorpians are nice... I am guessing that you would use them to cover your flanks, besides that they are great at tying things down and causing general mayhem... I hope some of my ramblings help.

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    Other than poisoning arrows for the army, what is khalida actually doing? The poison alone isn't worth her points. Doesn't she basically cast shoot/hack in the magic phase incantation with irresistible force? That would make her a useful member of the catapult crew, I guess...

    I halfway agree with the comment on the casket. It won't kill a lot of enemy, but I never count on that anyway. It's there to force the enemy to let earlier incantations through to save disspell dice for the casket. And even against elves, that works well. I'd drop the champion and banner for more archers, to be honest. And drop the staff of ravening for a disspell scroll...and more archers. If you're playing Khalida, pile on the shooters! Two 2x12-14 regiments on a hill makes for awesome firepower...and use the chariots the way you would use carrion, not the way you would normally use chariots. I'd keep the scorpions on defense since you don't have anything vaguely resembling acceptable melee troops.
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    tomb king shooting is very nice against WE, since they won't get their various modifiers against you, amd their toughness and armour is terrible. I'm not sure if poision is really worth it, since they easily wounded anyway.

    I'd drop the casket, WE aren't a great army for it to go against, it becomes a sitting duck and their magic isn't good enough to be worth the -1 to cast. Don't worry about their dispel capabilities too much, their magic will not be up to much, and if it is they've put a lot of points into it.
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