Hey guys,

I'm looking to get rid of my Tomb Kings army. I can let loose of it for pretty cheap heres a quick description-

-2 Tomb Scorpians they are made coming out of the sand and do not have legs with them.
-10 Heavy Horsemen with Spear and Shield
-33 Skeletons with Hand Weapons. There shields are still on the sprues.
-1 Vulture Ushabti
-6 Chariots. 3 Of them are unprimed and unfinished with all part requirded on sprues. The other three are mostly done and just have to be reglued.
-1 Tomb King with a Great Weapon
-1 Tomb Guard Model (used as Prince)
-21 Skeletons Equiped with Bows
-1 Liche High Priest on Foot Primed
-1 Liche High Priest on Horse
-1Liche Priest (broken) This model has the Hand wepon broken off and I the Staff I only have part to staff.

I also wouldn't mind trading this for some Lizardmen as with there new codex that's what I wanna start. So if anyones interested post here or drop a PM.