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    New to Tomb

    As the title says I'm considering starting up TK. I currently play HE but I'm just looking for a second army to play around with every now and then. My regular opp. plays WoC and LM. I tend to try to shy away from "cheesy" lists and therefore wind up running mostly footslogger HE lists 2-3k and try to avoid the dragon/Teclis setups if possible.
    At first glance I come to the conclusion that TK play a little differenly than most armies. I like the core chariots and pretty much all of the special choices and rares.

    I was leaning toward a list containing (2k or 2250):
    Tomb King in chariot
    Prince in chariot
    Priest w/ casket
    3 units of 3-4 chariots
    1 unit of archers (20)
    1 units Ushabti
    1 unit of Carrior
    2 Scorps
    and probably a SSC to add some shooting.

    This is still very rough and I haven't actually added up points really, I'm just wondering from my first impressions am I making any major mistakes with a list somewhat like this. Are 2 priests a lot better than 1?
    Is the casket worth it?
    Tomb Guard?
    Bone Giant?
    And lastly what are everyone's thoughts on Settra, he seems very powerful but at his points I'm not sure if he can kill enough and wether he has the defensive power to be thrown into combat aggressively.

    any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hey! welcome to TKs! First things first (just incase you missed it): (A Beginners Guide to Tomb Kings)

    Now, onto the specifics of your post. The rough list youve made looks decent, although id have to question the King and Prince being in Chariots, given that you also have a Casket and SSC. Still, doesn't mean its a bad thing

    ALways fill your Character slots (as you have done ) 2 Priests are always better than 1

    Casket worth it? Imho, yes, in the right list (defensive, alongside an SSC) always. It does far more in a game (mainly psychologically) than it first may seem to on paper.

    Tomb Guard? Personally, no. Expensive static resolution, no killing power. I prefer Ushabti for power and cheaper skellies for numbers.

    Bone Giant? In an all out offensive list.. maybe, but a maybe is the best youll get from most players. He is just too expensive for what he can do.

    Settra. Never played with him, and never would tbh. That isnt to say he is no good, i dont doubt his army has massive potential. But the limits he put on your army restricts it far too much for my liking. No priests, lot of points on specific units, etc. And any list including him will have a poor magic defence.

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    You are correct about TK playing a little different than other armies. They are quite the "finess" army. They require good set-up and planning. Their magc makes them powerful, so maximizing that is key. It all depends on your play style. I tend to like Tomb Guard because of their power. I often run a unit of TG with a prince or king, and other units often choke on them. (but it is more expensive than normal skellies) CoS can be a very powerful battlefield tool, helping you control the magic phase (key for TK) I've had the Bone Giant work beautifully, and then I've had him be useless. In the choice between CoS, SSC, and BG, BG usually is last. All the special and rare choices make it hard to pick favorites. They are all good in their own way. Cruise the forums and check out different builds. You'll find different opinions on units and builds, but it seems like you already have a good idea on some of the TK strengths.

    As for Settra, he does have his strengths. Magic defense is not one of them. But with a army composition that you have to take with him, you can make a mean list. With all the My WIll Be Dones that he gets, still makes it hard on your opponent with the amount of spells. It would probably be rare the opportunities to take him though.

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