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    Dark Elf Tactics

    Recently I played a battle with my friend who plays dark elves. We only got through about 1 & 1/2 rounds (because he had to go to a school dance) but I knew where the battle was headed and how it was going to turn out when he got his cold ones and dark riders close to my SSC. Anyway here's how the battle went

    Round 1:

    My turn

    I fire with my SSC and miss his cold ones due to a bad guess on my part, however I hit his unit of 10 crossbowmen, hit 8 of them and killed 7 of them.

    I fire once again with my SSC and I kill one cold one (BTW his dark riders and cold ones were on the same side of the table as my SSC so I knew I had to get rid of them because besides the catapult, I only had 3 chariots and a scorpion on that flank)

    His turn

    He gets his units closer and he misses my SSC with his bolt thrower

    He inflicts one wound on my tomb prince with the spell bladewind (my tomb prince was in a unit of bowmen)

    Round 2:

    My turn

    I move my chariots towards his cold ones

    I try to fire against his cold ones twice but the first time I guessed to far and the second time I rolled a 6 in my direction (this shot ended up next to my chariots so I was wondering, can you inflict wounds on your own units using a SSC?)

    I fire with my bowmen against his spearmen inflicting only a couple of wounds

    Using my last 2 dispell dice, I try to get my chariots to charge his cold ones, but he dispells it.

    His turn

    he charges my chariots head on with his cold ones and he attacks my chariot's left flank with his dark riders.

    Ok at this point he had to leave, but I knew that because I didn't get those impact hits I wanted with my chariots, I knew I didn't stand a chance against the two units. Plus my heirophant was standing next to my catapult so I needed to get him out of there while I still could using his CotD my 2 units of 20 bowmen hardly did anything and while I knew that I could take out some of his executioners and spearmen with the remaining time I still had with my SSC, my bowmen would still have a hard time against such excellent infantry. Plus his Reaper Bolt Thrower was still out there. My scorpion could buy me some more time by charging the cold one's flank but my SSC would ultimately be doomed.

    So in the next battle I will:

    Not place my SSC on the same flank as his fastest units

    Make charging with my chariots a priority in the magic phase rather than save it for when I only have a couple dispell dice

    Put my scorpion underground so I have a chance at taking out his bolt thrower before it causes any harm.

    Any tactics you can share with me would be nice! So next time I have a battle, I will be more prepared

    By the way this was a 1000 point battle and his army was like this

    Reaper Bolt thrower


    20 executioners

    20 spearmen

    10 crossbowmen

    5 cold ones

    5 dark riders

    I think there might have been an assassin in there too but I'm not so sure.

    My army was like this:

    1 Tomb Prince: Great Weapon

    1 Liche Priest (Heirophant): Cloak of the dunes

    1 Liche Priest: Steed

    20 Skellies: Bows, Musician

    19 Skellies: Bows, Musician

    1 Tomb Scorpion

    3 Chariots

    1 Screaming Skull Catapult: Skulls of the Foe

    Any help would be great

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    Atleast he only has 1 Sorceress lol.

    Pretty much it looks like its gonna be a case of getting perfect shots with that SSC. You may find 3-4 Ushabti a nice addition however (replacing Chariots, dropping 20 skellies and adding a Swarm, something like that) as they can add a lot of hitting power on the charge and consistently, and the DEs have some rather big / armoured units.

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