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    Hi Everybody
    Welcome to Tacticas with Alliterated Cheesy Titles (TACT) :lol:
    Here are some links to the tactics articles I have written and posted on this site although they were somehow deleted or moved when this site got upgraded. I believe there is stuff here for both new players and veterans alike.

    I have been asked on several occasions about what has prompted me to write these articles: the main one was to offer some help to new players for this great and brand new army of ours. The second was that I was tired of reading articles where its just a summary of what you basically know and after spending 5 minutes reading it, you have gained very little out of it, so I have tried to include an alternate view in all my pieces.

    Remember they are just my opinions on certain TK units and their uses and by no means am I trying to dictate a "codex" method to play Tomb Kings. Please feel free to add any comments about them/requests here. For specific comments for a particular unit- please post them in the relevant topic. Again thanks for your support and enjoy.

    The topic name is hyperlinked to the relevant topic

    1) "I See the Light"
    Very brief overview and summary of the Tomb king army including characters, magic items and units. They are the unedited sections of my contribution to Axus's Tomb King Legion creator.

    2) Walking with Ushabti
    Strengths and Weaknesses of the ushabti as well as new possible uses.

    3) Touching up the Tomb Guard
    Probably my most controversial piece where I criticise and examine the role of the Tomb Guard in a Tomb King army. What did I say? Click on the title to find out...

    4) Circling with Carrion
    Indepth look at an often underused unit in the Tomb King arsenal.

    5) Tunneling with Tomb Scorpions
    Indepth look at an often overrused unit in our army. Also some tips for ICFB marker placements.

    6) Tunneling with Tomb Swarms
    Considering new roles for a very unique yet deadly unit. Anyone seen "The Mummy"?

    7) Cruising with Cavalry
    A look at an often overlooked element of a Tomb King army. There is also an indepth analysis of the "12 man heavy cavalry warbanner unit".

    Again thanks for your support for without it I probably wouldnt have done this. Hope this has helped in some way...

    Come into our musty tombs @khemri.co.uk

    (600+ members and growing).

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    first of all, I'd like to thank you for going through all this trouble just to help some of the newer players, to learn how to play tomb kings (although, I don't agree on EVERYTHING ).

    second of all, I think you did a really good job in explaining what you mean, and why most units have pros and cons, and what those pros and cons are.

    so, in my opinion, you did a really good job!!!

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