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    First game of Warhammer

    Hello Tomb King players,

    I am new to the gaming side of warhammer, but have been collecting/trying out different armies for the past couple of years. I am a very slow collector and painter lol. I finally almost have enough points (about 1250) to finally play my first warhammer game. I am pretty pumped, as I feel I am going to enjoy the gaming aspect of warhammer alot more. I picked 1250 points because I know Tomb Kings can be hard pressed below 1000pt games, and I wanted a little variety in my army. I was wondering if anybody would like to describe their first warhammer fantasy battle experience, be it with Tomb Kings, or your very first army that you played/maybe still play? What was your first Warhammer fantasy game like? Did you enjoy the game then as much as you do now? Were you nervous,excited, or did you have no idea what to expect? What were your first impressions of the game? Also, being a noob at the table top game, what should I be looking out for gaming wise and tactics wise (I do not need a full blown tactica, just maybe things you would have liked to know before you played your first game). These are just a few questions/guidelines to go off of. Thanks again for everyone's replies. All replies are much appreciated on my end.


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    My first battle was a 2v2 battle where I was playing TK (my friend was WE) and I played against Skaven and Orcs 'n Gobbos. It was a very funny battle - one that I still remember in detail Yeah, I was really excited

    I did enjoy the game as much then as I do now - maybe a little more right now

    You should now only one thing before you start: It takes time to learn every detail in WHFB. When you start, play with basic rules so it won't be too complicated to begin with. Add rules and things as you go (Psychology and Magic for example)

    Also, HAVE FUN! Give all of your soul to just that game - and do so for every incoming game. I assure you that you will enjoy TK...

    Give it a try,,, You WILL make mistakes on your way, but don't let them disrupt your Big Smile Learn from those mistakes, and become one of the Kings of Nehekhara

    //Nagash, King of Nehekhara (or at least, I was)

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    Strangely enough I can still remember my own first game very well too. I say strangely because it was 19! years ago now and I can rarely remember what I had for breakfast these days..

    We played the game on the snooker table my mate had in his converted loft, his dwarves versus my undead (obviously this was waaaay back in third edition before the TK/VC split). I still remember vividly how I charged headlong across the table with my 'invincible' undead cavalry against those poor 'defenceless' dwarven crossbow men...

    ...and how my mate nearly wet himself laughing while I ruefully put them all back in the box again almost before the paint was dry (this was not funny at the time).

    I also remember the bewildered expression on his face as he asked "what's a challenge then?" shortly before I got my own back by killing his dwarf lord in a challenge with my bad boy vampire (this was funny at the time).

    Perhaps my most enduring memory though is how just about every question either of us asked was followed by the other one saying ", hang on a minute, I'll look it up."

    Neither of us had played before and we didn't have a clue what was going on, but it didn't really matter. We muddled through the rules and had an absolute blast while we played before performing a hit and run raid on his parents spirits cabinet while they were still out at bingo. Good times.

    Since then I've left the game from time to time as old friends I used to play with have moved away or I've gotten distracted by other strategy games like Settlers of Catan and Magic: the gathering, but I've always come back to WHFB in the end.

    So what to look out for tactics wise? Well firstly I would read through all the 'beginners guide to TK' type threads. There is a lot to take in at first so don't be discouraged when it doesn't all sink in and you get your butt handed to you in your first few games.

    In many ways you have lucked out in choosing TK because although they are perhaps the hardest army to get to grips with and the learning curve is pretty steep, you will be a much better player for it in the long run. If you had started out with say, demons then you could get away with sloppy play and and silly mistakes and still get away with it more often than not. But precisely because the learning curve is so steep with TK and they can be so unforgiving of errors, it will force you to adopt good habits and play a much stronger game. If you can win consistently with TKs, you can win with anything and will truly have earned your bragging rights.

    I strongly suggest you check out Vaul TKs Tomb king battle reports on You tube (there is a link in the battle reports section here at LO), they will give you a much better idea of what to look out for and expect.

    In the end though my best advice would be just to go for it and not worry too much about winning, losing and making mistakes. Sure you may have to endure a few light hearted 'charge of light brigade' jokes if you fare as bad as I did in my first game, but you will have loads of fun and learn a lot with every game. Before long you will find it all starts to make sense and the sweet, sweet taste of a well earned first victory really is a moment worth waiting for.
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    My Warhammer experience did indeed begin with Tomb Kings. All my mates and I at the local GW used to play 40K only. Then one week, some guy convinced us all to give fantasy a go. Im glad he did

    Deciding to try out TKs because the models look amazing and the army different to anything else, I began one November by picking up my first TK model, a Tomb King. Got him painted up pretty nicely (looks the same today as he did then) and only then did i buy the Army book

    Model wise, i started off with 20 Spearmen with full command (Bah!), 12 Bowmen, my Prince (in chariot) and 2 more Chariots to form his unit. Illgally that lineup was used to play out my first every practice game. I faced VCs (). 2 large Zombie units and 2 units of VC Cavalry joined by a Vampire. Man did i think TKs sucked after that... (to sum up, chariots charged both knight units, were flanked on both sides by zombies in return, and died horribly lol).

    Anyway, next came the Priests. Most of my early games then were simple everyone at GW Vets Night fielding everything they had on them in a massive 4K per side game on an 8'x4' field. best games ive ever played, learning sooo much all in one go felt pretty good

    Army grew from there to include pretty much everything. Unfortunately i dont get to play much anymore And when i do play, i like to playtest my Beastmen. But my alligence will always rest with the Kings

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