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Thread: Semi-batrep

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    This is more about lessons learned than about a play-by-play.

    I just had my first game of WFB since....1998. I've been playing 40k in the interim, but no fantasy. I started painting tomb kings several months ago in preparation for a return to the game.

    I about freaked out to see that I was up against brets...he had four units of regular knights (questing?), 2x7 and 1x10, with a BSB in the block of 10. He had 7 grail knights. He had a lord on pegasus and two units of pegasus knights. He had two damsels, a trebuchet, and some kinda mounted peon thingies. I had 10 and 20 bowmen, 20 TG with prince and icon, 3 chariots with TK on chariot, 2 scorpions, a flying lich, a casket, 4 carrion, and a catapult.

    My range estimation was understandably horrible, given that I last played 12 years ago, but my SSC did see his BSB unit off the field with a single shot (and hit nothing else the whole game, but 10 knights+BSB is plenty, eh?)...but only because I got a ranging shot off in the magic phase and was able to adjust my guess...and get a hit.

    I did suck out all three of his scrolls in the first two turns, so I'm decent on magic, I guess. It's all in how you apply your incantations, I guess. He was pretty smart about which ones he let through...but with five plus the casket, two caddies (one had an item allowing an extra DD 5/6 of the time) wasn't enough.

    I made the mistake (too much cavalry coming at me at once, but I won't do it again) of splitting my king out from the chariots...and let the chariots charge his grail knights all alone. Bad move. They died on the charge, taking one GK with them for their 120 points of trouble.

    Meanwhile, my king and carrion charged a unit of pegasus knights. Don't charge ANYTHING with the slightest bit of melee ability with carrion. His General charged and challenged my king and eventually wore him down, escaping with a single remaining wound...the pegasi ATE my birdies.

    a unit of 7 knights charged my TG...and were seen off in short order. I was VERY impressed with TG's ability to take a charge.

    His grails charged my ten bowmen...and only took out eight, including crumble!!! This saved my heiro from suffering the ill effects of overrun (won't leave him in that position again!!!)

    My unit of 20 bowmen held up his other unit of pegasi for three turns without any healing!!

    I did end up taking out one of his caddies with bowfire...

    The game ended due to the store closing. One of my scorpions never came in, and the other one came up a 1 on the misfire table, so they were never a factor. In three rounds of shooting, his trebuchet killed both casket guards and put a wound on the lich, so it would have been gone the next turn...#$@% scorpions not doing their jobs!

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    Brets 1997-1999 __ TK since 2009 __ Empire since 2010

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    Sounds like a good game! I've made that Hiero-behind-charged-Bowmen mistake before HAHAHA, it's just annoying... Glad they weren't torn to pieces


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    I also agree on the carrion. But they do hold a unit for a few turns before they die due to crumble. (ie. Chaos Sorcerer on a disk of Tzeench with his damn chaos armor) lol WoC Player was soo ticked off. kept him out of combat for 4 turn with 5 carrion in one corner of the table while the rest of the game was fought on the other side.

    Sometimes..its worth it.

    I Believe I haven't played tk vs brets yet. No..I'm certain I haven't.

    These lessons will be helpful vs brets and also the little general tips that can be used vs anyone.

    Thanks for the post.
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    Brets destroyed my pretty easily with their Lance charges when i first played against them. But there are awesome ways to deal with them. I once forced a turn 3 concession, using nothing but my SSC to tear the opposing force to pieces All the time my lone Chariot king held the right flank against a Pegasus unit. Once my Ushabti charged the remains of a fleeing unit, running them down, my opponent decided to call it a day...

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