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    Junior Member Thermos's Avatar
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    3000 pts of Tomb Kings

    This is a shooty TK army that I thought of a little while back. Let me know what you think about it, and thank you beforehand!

    Khalida: 420
    Liche High Priest (Hierophant): Staff of Ravening, Hieratic Jar, Cloak of the Dunes.
    Total: 335

    Icon Bearer: Armor of Eternity. Total: 135
    Liche Priest: Casket of Souls, Golden Ankhra. Total: 325

    2x20 Skeleton Warriors: Hand Weapon, Bow, Blessing of the Asp. Total: 400
    35 Skeleton Warriors: Light armor, Spears and Shields. Total: 350
    5 Light Horsemen: Blessing of the Asp. Total: 80

    5 Ushabti: 325
    5 Carrions: 120
    5 Carrions: 120
    2xTomb Scorpions: 170

    2xScreaming Skull Catapults: Skulls of the Foe. Total: 220

    TOTAL: 3000

    My first choice was Khalida. No one is better than her at leading a “shooty” Tomb Kings army, since she allows all bows to fire poisoned attacks, and her free Righteous Smiting should prove handy as well. My other Lord choice had to be a Liche High Priest with the Cloak of the Dunes to be my Hierophant. He can fly to the right place at the right moment to use his incantations to full effect.
    Then I picked a Hero level Liche Priest, which I gave the Casket of Souls and the Golden Ankhra to keep him alive for as long as possible. The Casket should be able to wreck some havoc in the enemy ranks as I’ll keep my distance, waiting for them to come to me while I pepper them full of poisoned arrows and Panic causing skulls. An Icon Bearer, who’s only role is to keep the morale wounds to a minimum and help one of my archer units in combat.
    I picked two big units of archers with poisoned arrows which I plan to line up in front of the rest of the army. Then I’ll use my incantations to give them an extra shooting phase. That makes it 80 poisoned shots per turn. When the enemy get’s too close for my shooting units’ liking I’ll reform them into more solid blocks of units with more ranks so that they may stand a chance in combat. To help them out I picked a BIG unit of Skeleton Spearmen, which will act as a bodyguard for Khalida. My last Core choice was a small unit of Light Horsemen, which will ride around the battlefield using their poisoned arrows where they’re needed.
    My first Special Unit was a unit of 5 Ushabti, to act as a solid close combat unit to take care of whatever my arrows cannot. Then I picked two units of five Carrions to fly over to the enemy, stopping them from marching and, in case of facing Orcs and Goblins, luring out fanatics to slow them down even further. Two Tomb Scorpions to protect my flank or terrorize the enemy rear finished off my Special section.
    The Rare section was pretty simple actually. I picked two Screaming Skull Catapults with Skulls of the Foe that, with the help of a little magic, can fire around 3-4 shots each turn between them. And lastly, of course, the Casket of Souls.

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    1. Icon bearer can not wear Armour of Eternity. 70 point item, 50 point magic item allowance(Magic standards he can take any of). Instead give him the Standard of the Sands, so the enemy cant march and you get more time to shoot.

    Also, your High Liche Priest has 2 Arcane items, cant have both the Jar, and the Staff of Ravening on him

    2. Try to find points for 2 more characters, at 3k points you have pretty poor magic offense (Khalida's Incant, and Bound spell), 3 (3d6 (one is 1 use only) ) 1 (2d6), and the Casket. That is 6 incantations when you could have closer to 9. Trust me, you will need those extra ones. any unit not firing, is not good at all!

    I would suggest a prince in the unit of bowmen, to toughen them up a little bit Khalida is really your only fighty character, which she is good, but not great. (Icon bearer...is not a good fighter for his points at all) (thi also gives the bowmen a incant)
    You also suffer from pretty bad magic defence with only 5 dispel dice (2 from lord, 1 from Priest, 2 from army)

    3. Skeleton Spearmen suck, take those spears off, and let them have HW & Shield. The armour save is much nicer then the extra pitiful attacks.

    4. 5 Ushabti might be a little too large, and unwieldy, i usually go with 4. Just to tell you, they are kinda squishy, if you recieve any sort of counter fire, expect the ushabti to go down pretty fast.

    5. Scorpions sound nice for flanking, but as US4? They cant remove rank bonus, and this can be devestating if you fluff your attacks. They are better used for mage hunting, or war machine hunting
    Last edited by gdsora; February 17th, 2010 at 20:14.

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    Well Thermos, welcome to LO!

    I would like to tell you that these kinds of threads (Army Lists) should be posted in the sub-forum Please, don't post them here...

    You won't be able to fire that much in the Magic Phase with such characters in a 3k game as long as your opponent isn't new to the game

    Icon Bearer illegal.

    Decrease numbers of Ushabtis for your own good.

    Use Scorps for assassination or to protect the Casket from behind (against Gorgers etc.)

    High Priest illegal.

    By adding poison to the Light Horsemen, you'll only make them more expensive. Keep the cheap units cheap.

    If you like Carrions and know how to use them, go ahead... They're hard to use when playing 10 total, since you need to keep them at US 5 to be worth their points.

    Give the LP on the Casket something different to what he has now. Golden Ankhra will not save him. If he enters combat he will die. If your opponent is shooting at him, the Casket itself (and its guards) is the best defense. Focus on magic defense or offense with this priest. Or spare points for more characters here.

    All I can say about Skellie Spearmen is that they shouldn't be fielded in a TK army. In VC they might work sometimes, but we have alot more use of Bowmen. When you're talking about 80 shots each round, I'll tell you it isn't sure you'll get them fired. If you were to make these Spearmen to Bowmen instead, you'd get those extra shots, even for free!


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