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    1000 pt vs Bretonnia

    As part of our Mighty Empires campaign I am playing against 1000 pts of Bretonnia next week.

    I have 110 extra points if I need to take them from an earlier ME raid.

    He has 3 Pegasus, a small unit of archers, lots of Knights Errant that he keeps reminding me are ItP on the charge.He also has a BSB and several damsels.

    I have a full set of everything TK.
    Am wondering about having a 28 block of SW/HW/Sh, 3 chariots with warbanner, 3 carrion to march block, SSC, 2 small (ten) units of skellies (1 archers, 1 SW) for redirection purposes, TP with cloak and GW and an LP with Scroll and Collar.

    That's around 1050 pts if I remember.
    Any grave objections to this list or am I doomed anyway due to low points game as we are not overly good at under 1500/2000?


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    Let the Priest have the cloak I would go for Bow skellies, they will give you more... You will not have any armour saves if they charge with or without it.


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    Based on my recent game against brets, you can't go wrong with some TG. Mine saw two units of questing knights off the board in one game. They take a charge like nobody's business, sword and board skellies are no substitute. I'd take a unit of 14, and throw the prince in there with blade of setep. Don't take carrion in this game, he'll check them with the pegasus knights. Chariots are no match for knights, and not fast enough to avoid them. Leave those home, as well. The SSC is awesome. If he has a trebuchet, you'll want one scorpion and one base of tomb swarm to ICFB underneath it (gotta have redundancy in case of mishap, and the swarm'll eat the crew just fine, and is cheaper than a scorpion). Give the cloak to the LP. His main job is just staying alive, and he'll need it to keep away from the knights and especially the pegasi. If you take the swarm, you'll need a unit of 10 bowmen as your second core choice...but you want the tomb guard taking charges, not core skellies.

    I recommend that you take:

    TP with light armor, shield, and blade of setep
    LP with cloak of the dunes (don't worry about bretonian magic too much, so no scroll)

    1xtomb swarm

    14xtomb guard with full command
    1xtomb scorpion

    SSC with SOTF

    You should have some points left. I'd prioritize them this way:

    1. Get the TG up to 19.
    2. Get the stock skellies up to 20 OR take another unit of 10 (their only reasonable shooting target is enemy archers or the damsels, so 1x20 is probably better than 2x10, in light of the knight threat)
    3. A magic standard for the TG. Recommend icon of rakaph, given the maneuverability of cavalry armies.


    Shoot the BSB unit with the catapult first, then other knight units. If there's no trebuchet, put the swarm under the archers and deploy the scorpion normally to protect the catapult. Have the prince start as part of the catapult crew to give them an extra chance to get a second shot on turn one. On turn two, have him leave the catapult and join the TG. The priest's primary job early is to fire the catapult, later on, he heals units.

    Good luck!
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