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    Looking to start Tomb kings

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to join the ranks of the stylishly cool undead in the near future. This is my debut into warhammer fantasy battle so it is likely that I'll be noobish for the first few weeks.

    I have a budget of around $400 (Australian) and a decent discount store to splurge on TKs so what would you recommend that I get to start off with a nice 1000pts? Having read the TK book, I know that I'll need to get two characters and a whole bunch of skellies to cover the basics. So what else should I get to start off? And I'd need to get 8th edition BRB too (lucky I borrowed a friend's 7th edition before I went out and bought my own )

    Now, it may be silly of me to ask, seeing how I've never played fantasy at all:
    With 8th edition, would you consider TKs to still be a very viable army (ie not incredibly nerfed)? I only ask because I play necrons in 40K and I don't really want two armies whose playability are very restricted by the BRB.

    Many thanks in advance my fellow undead!

    EDIT: Oops... Totally missed the beginners guide when I posted this, sorry!

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_pariah7 View Post
    EDIT: Oops... Totally missed the beginners guide when I posted this, sorry!
    Hehe, check it out!

    TK will also have a new army book soon (within MONTHS, but that's still soon - methinks), which makes it quite hard to help you with this 'starting up a new army' question. I would gladly do it, if I knew more of what to come myself. But now, I don't, and I won't try to cheat anyone into believing that I do

    So, the beginner's guide to TK is good right now... but it's at the brink of its death (sadly). 8th ed is released very soon, and in October/November the new TK book will be released too. New rules. New models. And only rumours tell what to come

    However, CONGRATS! You've chosen the coolest army in WHFB (IMO)


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    Hehehe...with the new BRB coming out, and not yet knowing exactly what the new army book will bring, I'd proceed with a modicum of caution. Carrion, for example, were considered by some to be essential...and apparently now far less so, due to changes in the way fliers move. I'd hate to make recommendations on how to spend your money, only to find the money went to waste. For the same reason, exercise caution in following the advice in the newbie guide...it's written based on 7th edition BRB and an army book that's going to be replaced soon.

    Best advice that I can give is to start with a few blocks of 20 skeleton archers, a couple of basic characters, a catapult, and a pair of scorpions. That should put you in the ballpark of 1000 points, and seems to be the least risky path to take in terms of ending up with units that turn useless when the new book comes out. At the same time, ten wide and two deep lets your archers take full advantage of the new shooting rules, the catapult now hits anything the template touches, and there's no WYSIWYG difference between hero and lord level characters, so you have a bit of flexibility there.
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