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Thread: The Results!

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    The Results!

    Well my first game with my Tomb Kings at 1000 pts against Skaven didn't turn out so well But it being my first game I expected that I would lose. But the amount I lost by made me cry a little lol.

    The army I wound up going with was an TK w/ ASS w/ Collar and GW. Liche Priest w/ Ruby Ring of Ruin, 2 SSC's 1 unit of 20 bowmen and a unit of 25 bowmen w/ standard bearer carrying BotUL.

    First thing I have to say is my rolling was terrible. My opponent had the dice gods on his side as he didn't seem to role below 5 for the first half of the game when it came to his armor saves.

    Now my SCC's only killed a few models every round. My opponent also made his "Look out sir!" roll 3 times in a row when a SCC skull landed on his head directly 3 times in 2 rounds.

    Everything was going so/ so until his plague priest got into range of my Skeleton units. He got his Plague spell of and wiped out over half of both of my Skele units due to him jumping the spell over to the next unit. This is where the hurt set in. This was also the first wounds I had lost all game. After that he proceeded to dismantle me until my TK died from crumbling as my priest died when the first skele unit was wiped out.

    Now the main problem I had was that my magic phase was brutal for the most part. The only spells I was able to get off were the movement spell from my TK and the Banner. And that was mostly because he let me.

    This all gave me some great insight however as next game I'll be doing things slightly differently and will hopefully give me a little bit of an edge.

    Thank you all for the help with the advice and list help before I may try to use a LHP next time instead of a King as the King didn't seem to kill as many models as I had hoped.

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    ASS and collar together seems kind of...crappy. If you want an invulnerable save on top of the armor save, I'd just take the regular old 45 point 4+ invulnerable save item instead of the collar...after all, ignoring a wound on 4+ is better than transfering it to a different model on 4+. You might also have been better off with a single unit of 40 skellies instead of two smaller units.

    You are always going to have problems with the magic phase in such a small game. TK magic works on quantity, not quality. In this 1000 point game, you had two bound spells and three incantations against, what, usually 5-6 dispel dice, plus the enemy caster's caster level? That's right about at the point where he can just about shut off your magic phase. In a 2000 point game, you'd have the same 2-3 bound spells, but you'd probably have eight incantations, and more of the incantations would be 2D6 or 3D6 level incantations...against the same five or six dispel dice. Out of all the armies in WFB, only TK gets more and more with larger games...other armies get the same 2D6 power dice regardless of how big or small the game is. The flip side is that our magic is really really weak in small games.

    Dropping the TK to a prince to make the LP a HLP is not a bad idea in a small game. Kings don't run around murdering dozens of enemy models at a time, but they do very reliably murder about two wounds a turn no matter whether it's a giant or a mob of empire spearmen he's hacking away at...which of course means that he's best employed against high toughness or high armor save models. If you want a superstar of a tomb prince, give him the fencer's blades and whatever armor you can get for 15 points...with the blades, he gets an extra attack and hits rats (and anything else that's WS4 or worse) on 2+! At the same time, the rats'll only be hitting him on 5+. Getting hit on 5+ and being T5, he hardly needs armor, but of course you should give it to him anyway...
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