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    Scorpion Armour?

    I can't for the life of for me figure out how the SA works here in 8th with the new unstable rule. The way I read it, is that if a character is in a unit wearing the SA, that's just to bad because you have to assign wounds to the unit first (as pr the unstable rule), but surely this can't be right? Am I missing something or is it only good for a TK trying to hold up a unit on his own?

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    I'm pretty sure you can still assign up to half of the crumble wounds to the character, then negate all but one of them...the problem is, you have to lose by at least three points before the armor begins to help, and at the same time, you're passing up other armors that are much better for the points, like silvered steel and destiny. Destiny costs five points more than a golden ankhra, so you're basically paying five points for heavy armor (which is awesome because it gives you a third 4++ ward save, or a fourth, if you count the collar as one), which is awesome, since you don't normally get to take heavy armor. My own preference is for ASS and ankhra/preservation for a 2+/4++, but only a king can have that combo...but a prince can have destiny, which gives you 5+/4++ with a great weapon or 4+/4++ with sword'n'board, or I think it's 3+/4++ for a chariot-prince with spear and shield. My other option for a prince's 50 points is glittering scales and shield, but that's when I want the prince to carry the ruby ring of ruin (which has the same range as the unit of skeletal bowmen the prince leads!)

    Anyway, I wouldn't take scorpion armor. It works, but you should have units of 30+ skeletons anyway, so you don't have to worry about crumble as much as you used to. You'll virtually never be saving more than 2-3 crumble wounds per turn (half of your crumble minus one), so I'd rather just give the character better armor and cast an extra healing spell to make up those 2-3 crumble wounds. For that matter, putting better armor on the character could be reducing your crumble anyway, since each save the character makes is one less point of combat resolution, therefore one less point of crumble. I could see a 4+/4++ save being more effective at reducing crumble on the front end than the scorpion armor is on the back end! Losing by fewer points because your character didn't get wounded in the first place has the same impact on crumble, except that you have the bonus of your character living longer.

    Going back to ward saves, I have a prince with the armor of destiny, king with talisman of preservation (and ASS), heiro with collar, and casket priest with golden ankhra...all four of my characters have a 4+ ward on them! You can't ask for better survivability than that!

    As for a king going solo against a unit, you're better off having him well armored than having scorpion armor. Mine, with T5, 4W, 2+/4++ is really hard for anyone but a character to hurt, and no picnic for enemy characters, either. The only thing he really fears is killing blow, and first you have to hit him (not many have higher WS, so say on a 4), then need a 6 to each enemy attack basically has a 1/12 chance of a killing blow, and then the 4+ ward makes for a 1/24 chance of him going down to KB, and that's really the best way to kill him. Anyway, with a boatload of S7 attacks that hit on 3s, the king will put 2-3 wounds on most units...if they have 3 ranks and a banner, and this isn't the turn I charged, I'll generally lose by 1-2 until and unless I get that rank bonus down, which is really easy to heal, but with only 4 wounds, losing 1-2 between healings is dangerous! So I only really use him against units with fewer than 20 models to begin with, and very much prefer to use him against heavy cav, and other stuff that has tough armor saves (S7 is a -4!!!) and few models, especially since I can't be in base with more thant two models, limiting most heavy cav in terms of how many attacks they can throw at the king. If you had scorpion armor instead, you'd be able to reduce that crumble damage from the 1-2 points that I would suffer to a flat rate of one point....but with a 5+ armor save (you would still have a great weapon, right?), you'd more than make up for it by taking wounds in combat. Even solo, "not taking wounds" is better than reducing crumble (as long as you're offsetting enemy static CR by inflicting wounds).
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