Hey guys, this is my first time posting here, and first time writing a battle report, so if i break any rules/protocol sorry =/ But i had a pretty interesting game tonight against WoC in a 2000 pt tournament between me and a few friends.

My List:
Tomb King (GW / Armour of Silvered Steel / Golden Ankhra)
HLP (Hiero / Vanilla)

LP (Casket / 4+ Ward (i forget the common item name))

25 x Archers (BotUL / Musician)
25 x Archers (S
3 x Chariots (Vanilla)

20 x Tomb Guard (IotSE / Champion) **taking a musician for them next time**
2 x Tomb Scorpion

Screaming Skull Catapult (SotF)

Overall, I was pretty happy with the list. I had some extra points lying around, hence the chariots. I wasn't really sure what else to put in. I figured they could draw gun fire/provide a flank charge at least. Any recommendations of what to do with these points is welcome. Also, i have 511 points worth of Heroes but i asked my friends and they were cool with it. I don't have my friends list but he played two units of Marauder horsemen, two units of war hounds, one unit of chaos knights w/ a chaos lord, one unit of chaos warriors, a hell cannon, a hero on a disk, and Wulfrik with a unit of Marauders (w/ great weapons) in "reserves."

The battle type was just standard battle line. There was one piece of impassable terrain on the left half of the board, but the field was pretty open besides that. On my side i had the Casket and Catapult on a Hill. Just to the left of the hill i had my 20 Tomb Guard with the tooled Tomb King. In front of the hill i had a Unit of 25 Archers with a scorpion on both sides, and the chariots next to the scorp on the right. (Decided not to bury them because charging hell cannon seemed futile, plus would be useful for supporting charges) On my right flank i had the other archers with my HLP behind some obstacles.
Across from my archers on the right flank were one unit of marauder horsemen. In the middle of the board he had his two units of warhounds and Warriors of chaos (15) and his knights were behind a unit of warhounds. On my left flank (his right) he had another unit of marauder horsemen and his hero on disk. (Wulfrik in reserve)

Turn One
TK: I won the roll off and elected to go first. Not too much happened here. After the vanguard i moved my chariots between his horsemen and WoC so they were out of both their charge arks. I moved my one scorp behind the impassable terrain on the left of the board in wiating for his horsemen there, and my other scorp near my chariots. I got off righteous smiting on my (middle) archers and catapult killing one Chaos warrior, and all of his warhounds. The Casket was dispelled.
Chaos: Wulfrik comes out first turn...OUCH. They came off the board edge behind me, to the right of my catapult on the side of the hill opposite my TG. Besides that everything else moved forward. His knights and disk hero about 8-10 inches from my middle archers. His marauder horsemen on my right flank continued to move farther right behind a building, while his horsemen on my left flank moved right behind the impassable terrain very close to my scorpion. He shot the hell cannon and it scattered too far to hit anything.

Turn Two
TK: I moved my Tomb Guard forward to be alongside my archers I moved my scorpion by the impassable terrain so that the horsemen were in his charge ark. I turned my scorpion on the right around and moved him closer to Wulfrik. i reformed both units of archers into 5x5 blocks, and turned the unit of archers on the right flank to face the rear of Wulfrik's unit. I moved my chariots behind his WoC I had a great magic phase. My scorpion on the left charged his horsemen, they tried to flee and thanks to a good roll i caught them. My Tomb Guard charged his hero on the disk and he decided to hold. My scorpion on the right was able to get a flank charge off on Wulfrik, however the unit of archers behind him were not able to get into combat thanks to a sub par roll. My TG smashed his hero on the disk and reformed to face the flank of his knights. My other scorpion did not fare as well without the support charge from my archers and died due to crumble. The casket went off killing one WoC, and putting two wounds on his Hell Cannon.
Chaos: He continued to move his WoC closer to my line, and moved his horsemen on the right flank in position to rear charge my archers there. Wulfrik left the marauders and charged the catapult, while the knights w/ chaos lord charged my archers. His hell cannon landed a direct hit on my Tomb Guard killing nine. Wulfrik tore through my catapult and overran into the casket, similarly, his knights tore through the entire block of archers and also overran into the casket.

Turn Three
TK: I charged the rear of his knights with my halved tomb guard unit, and i also charged the marauders Wulfrik left behind with my Archers and Hierophant. I continued to float my chariots behind his WoC. In the magic phase i was able to res 6 TG, and kill one knight with righteous smiting (Killing Blow roolz!). The combat involving the casket was a little convoluted:
-Tomb guard-
-Chaos Knights-
-casket- -Wulfrik-
My tomb king challenged his mounted chaos lord, and defeated him taking no wounds! My tomb guard also wiped out all but one of his remaining Chaos knights. Wulfrik dished out four wounds to my LP, all of which were saved by his 4+ ward. My combat res was huge and his knights fled off the board, pursued by my TG which were now behind the casket and in the rear of his marauders. In the marauder/archer combat i lost six skellies and crumbled another four or so.
Chaos: With his horsemen on the right flank he rear charged my archers in combat with his marauders. He continued to move his WoC forward with my chariots behind them. In his shooting phase his hell cannon misfired and caused all wizards on the board to miscast (lame). Damage was minimal. Nothing happened to my Lp on casket, and my HLP took one wound. His marauders and horseman tore up my hierophant's unit, and unfortunately i lost him. He reformed his marauders (about 20 remaining) to face my TG. At the end of the phase my scorpion on the left of the board crumbled completely as well as one of my chariots.

Turn Four
TK: At the beginning of the turn i lost another chariot to crumble as well as the two casket guard. I charged the rear of his WoC with my one remaining chariot, and reformed my TG to face his marauders. In the magic phase i was able to get a charge off with my TG. The casket also went off killing his Hell Cannon and six marauders. In comabat my TK and TG simply overwhelmed his marauders who broke and fled towards the right board edge. I reformed my TG to face his remaining WoC who easily handled my single chariot.
Chaos: He moved his three remaining horsemen in front of my casket and threw lances at the LP with no wounds taken. His warriors of chaos stayed put i am pretty sure. His marauders failed to rally.

Turn Five
TK: I moved my TG forward within 10 inches of his WoC. In the magic phase i was able to get the charge off as well as res 4 Tomb Guard. His WoC only did three wounds and with my extra rank, and 6 wounds made them break and flee. I pursued but did not catch them.
Chaos: His warriors failed to rally and fled a few inches farther. His three horsemen charged my casket and defeated the LP with one wound left on him.

Turn Six
TK: I attempted to catch his WoC, and did so, wiping out the unit completely.

At the end of the game i was left with almost my entire unit of Tomb Guard as well as my Tomb King unscathed. He was left with three marauder horsemen. This was actually the first time i ever beat chaos and i was pretty excited that even though Wulfrik came out on the first turn, i was able to adjust and pull out the victory. In my opponents defense he did have a couple bad rolls in that combat on turn three. The TK with that 4+ ward is next to impossible to kill, and 10 killing blow attacks on his knights simply dismantled them. Icon of the sacred eye was MVP in this battle, he simply had no way to deal with 11 hit on 3+ Killing blow attacks in the first round of combat. I hope this report was easy to understand for you all, and if it wasn't please comment so i can do a better job next time. I plan to make a few more reports with this same list later in the week so any feedback is much appreciated!