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    New TK vs HE 1500pts

    Finally the Tomb Kings march on the High Elves once again after getting crushed time after time.. will the tomb kings prevail or will they be sent back to their tombs?

    So, played 1500pts against Joaquin and his High Elves... (I am really liking this 1500pt cap!)
    His lis:
    HE Noble 2+ armour, gw.
    Lv 2 Mage- Lore of Life

    19 Sea Guard, Full Command, Shields
    30 Sea Guard, Full Command, Shields

    20 Phoenix Guard, Full Command
    Lion Chariot

    Bolt Thrower

    A good core, supported by one of the hardest chariots in the game! And arguably the best core (sea guard) with Lore of Life and some good hitting power (the phoenix guard).

    My list has been worked on since I played with Rob so may Ideas!...

    Lv 4 High Priest- Earthing Rod, 4+ Ward, Skeletal Steed

    Prince- Glittering Scales, Weapon, Shield, DragonBane Gem

    Herald- BSB, DragonHelm, Shield

    47 Skeleton Horde Full Command, Sword and Board
    18 Archers, Musician
    3 Chariots
    5 Horse Archers, Musician

    5 Ushabti, Musician

    Casket of Souls

    So, a spin off from my original list. Less chariots, a BSB and Ushabti for some hitting power as well as more archers.

    So on to the actual game:

    The HE deploy Heavy in the middle, and move up. Fist turn a few skeletons die, the spearmen in the center gain +2 Toughness.

    My turn one, I moved up and played the chariots way to aggressively... as you can see here, the HE take a turn 2 charge against the chariots, and although they fail their fear test... they wipe them out and overrun past the charge arc of the ushabti... The chariot plugged the gap in the line, HE magic was none existent and a the ushabti get peppered by bows.

    So in my turn 2 I place the ushabti in a good place to charge into the spearmen next turn. Following HE turn the bolt thrower kills an ushabti and wounds another, and another is felled y bow fire...

    After failing the charge with the ushabti... they are charged by both the chariot and the spearmen and die horribly... I was in a tight spot after this turn... so I sent the full horde charging up the middle to the other spear unit... and actuallt rolled an 11 to make it into combat... then that unit proceeded to fight off that entire unit and all the phoenix guard (let me tell you WS 5 skellies... rock!) The chariot and the bolt thrower eventually died to the casket of souls! And the other spearmen later charged into my archers and were eliminated after the noble detached and went after the casket... at the end of the 7th turn all that was left of the HE attack was a Noble...

    And Tomb Kings win by attrition! Yay, all in all a great game, my brother had it until the last 3 turns when the relentless advance of the skelies proved to be his undoing as each casualty was felt.


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    Good show! I think with a better list (his was pretty well tweaked, yours seemed to lack focus), you would have ripped him apart from the start. Actually, it sounds like your original list was much better, since it's the BSB (why?) and the ushabti (points sink in any case, and in this case, too few of them to do any good) that I'm unenthusiastic about.
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