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    The Last March of my Legion... (WARNING LONG)

    This thread is inspired by Yamabushi this thread will be mainly battle reports but no photos... I didn't think ahead =P

    I played a 3 game torny with no comp (=S) at 2400 points with the old list my army list was:

    Tomb King
    Wizarding Hat
    Light Armour

    Tomb King
    Golden Ankhra
    Flail of Skulls

    Liche Priest (H)
    Heiratic Jar
    Cloack of the Dunes

    Liche Priest
    Broach of the Great Desert

    Icon Bearer
    Banner of Eternal Flame

    30 Archers
    Full Command

    20 Archers
    Full Command

    3 Chariots
    Standard Bearer
    Icon of the Sacred Eye

    20 Tomb Guard
    Full Command
    Banner of the Undying Legion

    2 x Tomb Scorpion

    Screaming Skull Catapult

    Bone Giant

    The list was the same for all three games

    Game 1

    So my first game was against a very silly high elf list. I only know the army lists ruffly beacause of the events of the game. So here is his list!

    Archmage (Shadow)

    BSB Nobel
    Banner of the World Dragon (immune to magic hatred and other things)


    16 Archers
    Full Command

    16 Archers
    Full Command

    16 Archers
    Full Command

    2 x White Lion Chariots

    40 White Lions
    Banner of Sorcerey (+D3 Power Dice)

    3 x Great Eagles

    The mission was dawn attack so rolling for unit placement. I deployed first and both my archers rolled a one so they went on the left flank so i deployed the rest of my army on the left flank with them. He rolled for his units and they mostly scattered around his centre and left but most importantly his white lion death star rolled a 1 and depllyed on his left flank far away from everything. My king rolled fire for his lore and ended up with fireball and flame cage.

    My turn 1: I went first. Every thing shuffled forward straight ahead towards his right flank cast a massive fireball at one of this units and paniced them off the board shot an eagal down to 1 wounds my catapult blew itself up.

    His turn 1: He shuffled forwards both of his chariots were in from of his white lion block so it was slowed down. He cast magic as it was shadow nothing happened (even tho he had about 10 dice every magic phase). He shot me i lost a tomb guard.

    My turn 2: An eagle flew too close so i charged it with my chariot unit and king so i charged it. A scorpion came up scattered horribly and charged a white lion chariot to try and stop it moving to slow down his white lions for a turn. Everything continued to shuffle towards his right flank. I cast another fireball killed another 8 archers smited my chariot king and ended up killing the eagle so i reformed and urganced myself into another eagal. Shot some archers killed the injured eagle the dead tomb guard got up. In combat i killed the other eagle and reformed into a long line ready to be charged by his other white lion chariot. The scorpion took 3 wounds from the chariot and caused 2 in return combat was a draw.

    His turn 2: His chariot charged my chariot unit his white lions were stuck so waited a turn. his 8 archers and magic did nothing that is worth mentioning. The white lion chariot caused some wounds on the unit and my king smashed it to ablivion and reformed. The other white lion chariot killed the scorpion.

    My turn 3: My chariots wandered through a wood towards his archers who were near his board edge. Everything started walking away from his white lions. My second scorpion killed itself with a misfire. I urganced myself into the archers and wiped them out easily and reformed facing his chariot.

    His turn 3: His chariot charged my chariots he cast magic and it did nothing useful. I killed his chariot in combat.

    That was really the last event of the game my army backed off and i won the game and earned 15 points.

    Game 2

    I played an Empire army in game 2. The mission was blood and glory with 800 victory points if you broke the opponent.

    His list was:

    Arch Lector
    War Altar
    Great Weapon
    Van Horstmans Speculum
    Heavy Armour

    Wizard Lord
    Level 4

    Warrior Priest
    Armour of Meteroic Iron
    Great Weapon

    Battle Wizard
    Level 2


    40 Halbiders

    30 Swordsmen

    16 Crossbows

    28 Flagellents

    2 x Cannon


    2 x 5 Pistoliers

    Steam Tank

    I deployed my army in thin lines to make his templates and cannon balls cause the least amount of impact. He castled up on a hill towards his right flank. I rolled shadown for my lore and rolled a double 6! So i changes on the pit of shades (beacuse you can pit steam tanks in the newest FAQ).

    He went first

    His turn one: He aggressivly moved his steam tank up beacuse he accepted it was going to die. The rest of his army stayed put. He shot me and missed or misfired with his artilliary. One cannon did kill my catapult.

    My turn one: I shuffled forward my army. My tomb guard reformed into a block and walked infront of the tank readying to charge it. My chariots aggresivly went towards his very empty left flank. My bone giant ran towards his right flank. Magic i double 6'd pit of shades and killed his steam tank then lost the spell and a magic level. I magicly moved up a bit more smited my archers and they shot at the flagellents. In the shooting phase i shot more flagellents and his pistolliers that were on the left flank were shot and paniced.

    His turn 2: He didn't move and he shot me a little bit my chariot king and his chariot were hurt by a cannon ball. His mortar missed and his other cannon misfired and blew itself up.

    My turn 2: A scorpion came up and charged a cannon. My bone giant moved behind a building out of line of site if the cannons. My chariots moved up and were now on his board edge ready to flank his line. I shuffled forward the rest of my men. I magiced forward a bit more got a magical charge into his flagellents with the chariots. I also succsefully cast urgancy who were 11 inches away from his flagellents but failed the charge. Shot at his swordsmen twice killed about 10. Killed all but one flagellent and reformed to face the war altar that was bearing down on my flank. My scorpion somehow failed to kill the cannon and was stuck in combat.

    His turn 3: Charged my chariot unit with the war altar. His swordsmen charged my tomb guard (with my wizard hat king and icon bearer in there) in the flank. He 6 diced mindrazor on the sowrdsmen and didn't double 6 he tired again with his luckstone didn't double 6 so i scrolled it. His shooting didn't go much. His swordsmen went mental and killed 4 tomb guard losing 6 in return (tomb kings hate empire sowrdsmen apparently) i lost basicly ignored it beacuse of the BSB and reformed to face. The war altar killed an injured chariot and the kings chariot with impact hits. My chariot king was challagned by his war altar and forced to accept he switched stats i caused a wound on him anyway and he caused 4 on me and i failed all of my 4+ ward saves (out of the 6 i took on the chariot and the king i passed none =( ) i killed the flagallent crumbled by one or something. Scorpion finally killed the cannon crew and reformed to face the mortar.

    My turn 3: My scorpion charged his mortar. My other scorpion refused to surface. My bone giant wandered round a building until he could see the flank of the halbiers and the crossbowmen unit with all the characters in it. I healed the guard back to full health and got some attacks off. Shot his crossbowmen and halbiders a bit. Tomb guard won the combat this time and they held with steadfast. My chariots killed the arch lector off top the war altar and i laughed =P (they didn't kill the chariot for the rest of the game nor did the chariot kill them so ill stop mentioning this combat). My scorpion failed to kill the mortar crew (somehow?).

    His turn 4: His pistoliers charged into the back of my failing scorpion. His 4 remaining crossbowmen faced my bone giant. His halbidiers reformed to face the tomb guard and all of his characters that were left joined them. He tired to cast mindrazor on the swordsmen again and i scrolled it again. I crushed his swordsmen in combat but failed to catch them and that was the point where he was broken so i had clamied 800vps. The scorpion killed 3 pistoliers and failed to stomp on the remaining mortar crew.

    My turn 4: Bone giant charged crossbowmen. Other scorpion came up and charged halbiders in the flank. Tomb guard charged the swordsmen again they escaped. Reformed my archer block that were in the flank of his helbidier block into a fighting block and shuffled forwards. My guard magicly charged the swordsmen and killed them. Bone giant crushed the crossbowmen and reformed to look at the halbiders flank. Scorpion killed 3 halbiders and drew the combat (he muso won i ignore it). He didn't reform otherwise my guard would have flanked him next turn. My other scorpion killed the 2 remaining pistoliers and stomped the mortar crew to death.

    His turn 5: He tired to cast mindrazor he failed to reach the casting value. My scorpion killed 2 more halbidiers took a wound and didn't die to crumble.

    My turn 5: Bone giant joined in the flank charge that the scorpion was still fighting. King + Tomb Guard + Icon bearer reformed and wandard towards the halbiedier blocks front. Archers shuffle towards his flank He stopped all my magic trying to get the king into combat but he dispeled it all. My bone giant killed about 7 my scorpion went down to 1 wound and killed about 2. He held due to steadfast.

    His turn 6: He succsesfully cast mindrazor on the halbiders and i failed to dispel it. He killed my scorpion but it killed 2 more at the same time. My giant killed about 7 again and he failed his re-rolled steadfast test and my bone giant caught them as they ran.

    BIG win to me i got 25 torny points

    Game 3

    Last game guys if you've read this far you can stand one more =P
    Played the skaven player (ew skaven) at the watchtower mission where if you controlled the watchtower at the end of the game you got 800vps

    His list was

    Grey Seer
    Screaming Bell
    Dispel Scroll

    Plague Priest
    Plague Furnace


    Doom Rocket

    30ish Clanrats

    2 x 40 Slaves

    30ish Plague Monks

    30ish Stormvermin
    Storm Banner (lol!)

    5 Gutter Runners

    2 x Hellpit Abominations

    Warplighting Cannon

    You can see why it was winning the torny =P

    I won the roll for the watchtower so i placed 20 archers in the tower to fend off the stormvermin for a few turns. We both deployed central and my tomb guard were planning to take over the tower after the archers had been badly beaten up. My catapult i deployed in the corner to try and get rid of his gutter runners. His gutten runners deployed opposite it via scout. My wizards hat got beasts he rolled tranformation of kadon and wissans wildform

    He got first turn because of the mission

    His turn 1: He charged the tower with stormvermin one abomb went straight towards me the other towards the tower. Rest of his army moved up. He cast plague i scrolled it. He cast bless with flith on his plaguemonks i left it go. He shot my catapult it lived on one wound. His stormvermin only killed 3 archers i killed none in return. I crumbled by 3.

    My turn 1: I walked towards the tower with the tomb guard everything shuffled forwards. I cast wildform on the tower archers and smited my unit of 30 archers with the icon bearer in it and caused 3 flaming wounds on the abomb running towards the tower. Healed the tower archers. I shot it again in the shooting phase and only caused 2 wounds ( =( ). My catapult landed a direct hit on the other abombs head but rolled a one to wound!

    His turn 2: His abomb ran towards my guard failing to reach them. His slaves ran towards my guard and everything moved up. His other abomb charged the tower. He cast plague on my tower archers with a double 6 killed 3 archers it jumped to my guard and killed 5 and then jumped to my 30 archers and killed 15 (such a stupid spell) but then he rolled dementional caskade! And his seer exploded! Along with about 20 rats =P His gutter runners finished off the catapult in combat. He fired his doom rocket at my tomb guard killing 8. His abomb killed 9 skelies with his attacks but the archers killed him in return.

    My turn 2: Put the icon bearer into the tomb guard and turned to face the abomb with the bone giant in close support. My chariot unit charged straight into the furnace unit (very brave =P). The other archers swift reformed and shuffled towards the tower. I healed the archers in the tower. Cast wildform on the chariots charged both the giant and the tomb guard + icon bearer + wizard hat king into the abomb. Shot at the bell unit to try and reduce the amount of rats down to 5 so it couldn't move but i failed in that objective. The abomb did S6 hit +D3 wounds on everyone in BTB contact failed to hurt my king killed 2 guard caused to wounds to the giant and caused one wound on the icon bearer. I caused 5 flaming wounds in return (turns out bone giants can't wound on 3s). It held. My chariot king killed his plague furnace and the chariots killed a whole bunch of rats and took 2 wounds in return he held with steadfast.

    His turn 3: He couldn't charge with the slaves or the bell so he moved the slaves towards the heirophants bunker. The stormvermin charged the tower archers. He didn't cast any magic his cannon missed (as it had been doing all game it may have killed a few archers). In combat my archers killed a bunch more plague monks and my king was challanged and killed his champion. He held due to steadfast. His abomb killed my icon bearer caused 3 wounds to my king and failed to hurt my giant and killed a single tomb guard however they finished it off and the guard reformed as did the giant. Archers killed some stormvermin and the stormvermin killed some archers i didn't crumbe to death.

    My turn 3: I moved the archers out of the tower and moved the tomb guard in my heirophant ran in to join them in the reletive saftey of the tower. My other archers suffled forwards and faced the slaves. My bone giant ran over getting ready to deal with the other slave unit. One scorpion killed itself with a misfire. I magicly charged the bone giant into the slaves they past there terror test (due to the engineer in them) i healed back some tomb guard and shot the bells unit some more and reduced it to 5 men so it could no longer move. I shot the gutter runners and they paniced and ran off the board. The chariot king killed the plague priest and his chariots killed some more rats they held due to steadfast. The bone giant won combat and they failed there steadfast test and the exploded and caused no damage to the giant.

    His turn 4: His stormvermin gave up and started to wander around the tower. Slaves turned to face the tower ignoring the 12 remaining archers he would have easily wiped out. He rang the bell and the tower came toppoling down. But my king my heirophant and most of the guard passed there I tests. And the turned to face the stormvermin. The chariots killed some more plague monks and finally broke them and ran them down.

    My turn 4: Turned the guard to face the slaves. Moved the chariots and giant round to try and charge the stormvermin and moved the archer bunker into the tower remains the heirophant joined the old tower archers. I magicly charged the stormvermin in the rear with my chariots and in the flank with my bone giant and then wildformed the chariots. I also got the charge off into the slaves magicly and healed up my wizard hat king and the bone giant and tomb guard. Completly wiped out the stormvermin with a timely smite and with wildform on them and then a round of combat and over ran towards the bell. Slaves didn't break from the tomb guard

    His turn 5: His slaves fought my guard the guard won they broke. i reformed to face the bell. My chariots,bone giant and tomb guard charged the 4 rats, cheiftan and the bell. Killed the bell with my flail of skull chariot king and killed the rats with the unit. The cheiftan caused 3 wounds on my injured wizarding hat king who managed to pass 2 parrys to stay alive with a wound! My bone giant then tore the cheiftan apart for his dishonerable actions.

    So i won that game by a massive margine netting me first place at the torny. I got a tasty prize of £61 pounds in games workshop vouchers which i used getting myself 2 sphinxs.

    Hope you enjoyed these battle reports comment if you have any questions or i missed anything out!

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    No comments was it far too long that no one got to the bottom? =P Or are we all bored of this book now?

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    Good stuff. I'm reading battle reports on here to try to get a sense of what people are doing with the new book - you clearly (like me) don't have the new book yet (until this weekend!).

    Well done on the victory. You obviously know what you are doing with your army. That last opponent had a very nasty list - 2 abominations, furnace bell and warplightning cannon, it's unfortunate they didn't have army composition because that list would have received a huge hit.

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    38 (x2)

    Good effort there, and with the old book too, you would have been even more powerful with the new lot. I assume, from the prize money, this tournament was somewhere in England - I have never tried a tournament here, having heard the stories of the terribly unbalanced lists that float round the internet, but looking at the lists you showed they were relatively fair (other then the skaven).

    I dont think he shouldnt have been able to ring the bell without his seer, so you should have held the watchtower anyway.

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