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    So... how do Tomb Kings win now?

    Hey everybody,
    I am a Tomb King player who only recently acquired the 8th edition codex (as well as that terrible 8th edition rulebook...).
    Just a few questions to those who have been playing the new Tomb Kings for longer than I have;

    1) I see that Fear no longer causes auto-breaking. Are the new fear rules even remotely useful?
    2) We no longer get to attack and declare charges in the magic phase. How do people feel about this? I get the impression that people are generally very happy with the changes to Tomb King magic (i'm certainly not going to complain about Lore of Light).
    3) How are the new units? Knights, Stalkers and Sphinxes seem nice, but I would like to know how good they are before I commit myself to buying them.

    I guess what I am really asking is; how do Tomb Kings win now? It seems like my old tactic of auto-breaking and flanking chariots in the magic phase won't cut it anymore.



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    I was in a similar position to you when the new books came out (and I'm still getting used to a lot of the changes) and can see where you're coming from with the new rules (I almost had a fit when I saw the 8th ed book for the first time).
    The problem with leaving an army so long to update is that they need to change it drastically to bring it back in line. Hence, Tomb Kings' playstyle has altered from the old rules. Don't make the mistake I did of starting off thinking that the 8th Ed Kings were a reflection of the old book, just updated, they're not.

    We're still a magic-heavy army but our magic is more about support rather than 'adding' parts to the turn. Likewise, most of our characters now support the units they join, such as necrotects with their hatred.

    Now, as to your questions:

    I've found that the new Fear rules are good when combined with the Lore of Death spell: Doom and Darkness as for 2 rounds of combat the opponent is going to be taking leadership tests at -3 or striking at WS 1. This is great with a massive tarpit block of skeletons with a Prince jammed in there as in addition to having to hack through constantly ressurecting warriors, they have to hit them first whilst being hit on 3s (this gets even worse for them when you also cast Dessication or Soulblight on the unit so the skeletons also wound on 3s).

    I sort of miss the unique feel of our old magic, but I like the new lore as well, it goes on with our new army theme of support and continuous ressurection...

    Which leads me on to your last questions. Tomb Kings (at least the way I play them) win now by using Hammer/Anvil. Our Skeleton Warriors are the anvils, buffed up with the Lore of Nehekhara so they're running near full strength, they're cheap and replaceable so they can take charges, and with a Prince or Necotect in them can stand up for themselves. Then we have our hammers, the new charriots (one of the best units in the new book IMO) and necropolis knights, which strike at the units that are caught in our tarpit of skeletons.
    We then have specialists to ensure that this flow isn't disrupted, warsphinxes for large tarpit blocks of enemy infantry, necrosphinxes for enemy monsters and hierotitans to give us a magical boost.

    This isn't the only way to win with them, but it's the method I prefer using until I have enough cash to buy some more models to begin experimenting with new combos.
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    -Malekith, Witch King of Naggaroth.

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    Well, I just played my first game with the new TK and I must say, that I really like the new TK. The new knights are just bad-ass and the magi giant (hierotitan) is really good to power your spell and make sure that casted.
    Have not tryed the Stalkers and he necro sphinx, but both sound and looks really good on the paper. I really like the idea of having stalkers in the enemies back, but they have a big draw back. Stalkers are only good in your turn having no stand and shoot option...

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