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Thread: Bowline?

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    What ever happened to the traditional bowline tactic? Gone through some of the Tomb King lists, cant find many, why?

    People are going for the Faster aspects of Tomb Kings, I would assume getting Usabti with great bows, a SSC or 2, carrion and a block of bowmen would be a good idea.

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    Two reasons...points efficiency and magic. In the old book, sword'n'board skellies and bow skellies cost the same. Getting to shoot was more valuable than a shield. Now, though, the bow costs you a shield AND a 50% points premium... As for magic, the incantation of smiting works differently now. Sure, you can potentially have one casting of it affect your entire army, but the same time, you only get to try it once. Under the old book, you could spam it until it got off, and you had no trouble spamming enough casters (including melee characters! MWBD also changed!) to get a 99% chance of getting it off on one unit per 750 in a 2000 point game, 60 bowmen could reliably get off 100 shots a turn for the same price as 60 skittles. Now you don't know whether you'll get those 50 extra shots, and you could get 90 skittles for the price of those 60 bowmen... Add in the ability to give your blocks WS5 or 7, and/or hatred...and skittles are now a better choice.
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