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    3k sorta-batrep VS Helves

    So I had a friendly against high elves today, my first game of WFB since Adepticon...well, you know, I've moved across country, started school, and had another child since then, so gaming opportunities are a bit rare... Anyway:

    I ran the 3k list that I have in the army list forum, basically 2 units of 50 skittles, a pair of lich bunkers, 4 chariots, 20 SoTUL TG, 3 shabs, casket, skullapult, and necrosphinx...and seven characters. He had two blocks of spears (~25 each?), a block of unkillable phoenix guard with a solid line of heroes in front, plus a L2 beastmage to buff them, and a HORDE of swordmasters. Yes, a horde. 40 of them. And five dragon princes. No warmachines, which was interesting.

    Anyway, we got dawn attack, but I got everyting but the lesser liche bunker in either the center or the left flank, while his swordmaster horde was stuck in the corner to my right....poor things ate SSC shots all game long, never reached combat, but never panicked, either.

    Anyway, it was a pretty dull game, overall. The elves closed in the center while retreating on my left flank...they killed my sphinx with pit of shades, but that was after fleeing from his charge, so their shadowmancer was pretty well sidelined otherwise, as was his archer escort, so it could have been much worse. My chariots got put in a position where they had to charge with a -1 across their statline, but they did allright against the spears they hit...till the phoenix guard countered into their flank...my opponent claimed that 1/8" of one base was in his arc, and even though it failed the mark 1 eyeball test and his tape measure wasn't lined up to show the front arc of his unit (I didn't have my 45 degree arc tool), I let it go...and he made a mistake and chose to overrun when he shouldn't have...karma's a bitch. Then, it ended up not benefitting me anyway, since my shabs, needing a 3 to charge the dragon princes (reduced to 3 models by the light of death on the previous turn), got snake eyes. He combo-charged them with the princes and the spears that the chariots had previously munched on, rolled badly, and lost combat, but stuck around. One of his heroes charged out of the PG (I forgot to consider that possibility and reform my bowmen to screen better!) and ate my secondary HLP. My TG in the left corner finally caught the retreating elves there...7-wide TG with prince and the special tect aboard...I lost two guard (excellent armor save rolls!) and then hit back with 18 TG swings plus a prince and tect...frenzied and hating...it was ugly...I killed enough to bust steadfast and make him need insane courage, so he fled off the board, of course.

    Final tally was four chariots, a L4 HLP, and a necrosphinx to him, and 25x spears with FC, five dragon princes, and a hero (carressed by my death LP after he ate the HLP) to me...not sure of the exact points, but it was probably a draw, we didn't count em up since it was just for fun. I will say that, except for the grand heiro's bunker, which was shot up pretty good, two dead TG, and one dead shab, if he attacked it at all, he got the VP, while I killed around half of his swordmaster horde and over half of his surviving spear regiment, for which I got naught...so maybe I need to focus more?

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    a block of unkillable phoenix guard with a solid line of heroes in front, plus a L2 beastmage to buff them...
    I have seen this in a local tournament. So incredibly boring unit. All the games the player participated in became an affair of trying to bait them away from anyting valuable. I tried to tarpit them myself, but my sacrifice unit was slaughtered in one round of combat...
    "The ones with lingon och skit" - Andusciassus

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