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    Help please 500 pts

    Ok, I've never played warhammer before but always wanted to. My local game store is giving 40% off on all the GW products for a couple weeks in order to start a new league. They will start with 500 points. So, I picked up a box of warriors and chariots to get me started. Next week or so I plan on buying a battalion and anything else I might need. I would like to build an army that takes advantage of all the cool magic the new tk book offers. I want to crush my opposition.

    First off, how should I build my warriors? Sword and board, spear and board, just spear, or bowmen? Secondly, does it matter how I outfit my charioteers? Do they need have bows in order to use bows? Or should they just hold spears? I want my models to represent what they actually are. And lastly, can anyone give my some advice on a strong 500 point list? There's so many cool units and I have no idea what is a good base. Thank you for any responses

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    I would like to build an army that takes advantage of all the cool magic the new tk book offers.
    Well....that certainly won't happen at the 500 point'll get, at best, two spells, and you only have the lore of Nehekara to choose from. At this points level, you can't fit a lord (nor should you want to!) into 25% of your points limit, and the special exemption that we have is for a LP to serve as both the heiro and the general, so you don't get a prince,'re locked into fielding a LP as your only character. The only really good news is that you can and should choose which of your two random spells to drop in favor of desert wind...and that the unit he's in gets 6+ regen...

    Since you're going to get 6+ regen, which is redundant with the parry save provided by a shield, I wouldn't take swordsmen...although those should make up the bulk of your forces in larger games. Spear and board is as horrible a choice as you can make, you're paying 50% more than you would for sword'n'board, don't get a parry save because spears don't qualify, and get no armor save against S4 and that's just stupid. For your 500 point army, you're therefore reduced to a choice between 5 point spearmen and 6 point bowmen. Bowmen are probably the better choice...with the regen save provided by the LP, they perform the same in melee as sword'n'board, with the bonus that they get to shoot until melee is joined.

    As for charioteers, no, you don't have to model them any particular way, they have all of the appropriate weapons by rule, I'd just model them with the spears. The quiver that's modeled onto the chariot basket is evidence enough of their bows!

    Okay, so...a list. At this points level, which is honestly not good for TK (you'll get much stronger at higher levels, but low point games are horrible for magic-dependent armies and character-dependent armies...TK are both!), you don't have too many choices...You're going to burn around 125 points on the LP, and you already have the three chariots, so that leaves around 200 points...I'd say make thirty bowmen and call it a day. If you didn't already have the chariots, I might suggest that you field three ushabti instead...but both chariots and ushabti are pretty powerful in small games. Why ushabti over chariots? Because the rest of your army (the block of bowmen with the LP inside) is slow. You're not going to make good use of the speed you're paying for and still be able to support them. Why chariots over ushabti? Well, the speed. If you're faced with a gunline (which several armies can pull off at low points...hell, you're doing it!), being able to get across the board and lock shooters in melee is awesome.
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