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    new to tomb kings (and warhammer in general) with a few questions

    I'm starting with tomb kings (as the title gives away) and I'm trying to put together and army. The plan is to run with lots and lots of skeletons (and tomb guard) and use ushabti and chariots as hammer supported by catapults and a casket. I'll probably finish with around 3000 points but I need to know in advance how I'll equip it so I know what and how many to buy. If I can avoid it I would like to NOT use a sphinx, worms and giant of any kind.

    Do you use full command in hw/s and bow skellies, tomb guard, chariots and ushabti? If not what do you use? And a magical banner where possible?

    Do you put a prince in a chariot unit to make it a bigger hammer, or just let it impact it and hope the fight is won?

    If you run a necrotect (or two) do you put it in a skellie or guard unit? and do you try and put at least one character (probably a prince/king i guess) in each non-construct unit?

    Is the herald a good bsb with its bodyguard rule? And if used in what kind of unit do you usually run it in?

    How big do you make your units? I saw posts with tomb guard 20 plus a character for running it 7*3 and skellies 40-60, ushabti and chariots 4-6. Is size changed by how many points you have left to fill up the army?


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    Wow... Lots of questions there! Let's see... I take full command in hw/sh and TG units, champion only in ushabti, and nothing in chariots.

    I take units of 4 chariots, no character. I take units of 50 hw/sh skellies with both prince and necrotect (side by side on the corner, not in horde, to make it impossible for the enemy to avoid splitting his attacks between the characters and the unit. It's generally smart to attack just the unit and ignore the characters) and a unit of 20 TG, usually without a character (but still 7 wide). I only own 3 ushabti, but would like to get three more so that I can field a block of 6 as a proper hammer.

    With a focus on skellies instead of constructs, you'll want to take the lore of light on your second priest ( I take khatep and another L4 at 2250 and above)

    Heralds are terrible and you don't need a bsb in a TK army anyway. All they do is reduce crumble by one piddling point... At 4 points per model, not worth it!

    No magic banners, and I do use archers, but I'm planning to get away from them.
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