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    Senior Member Zephyro's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
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    Hi I am very knew to warhammer and Khemri and thought of an army list.
    This list is also a bit against dwarfs and the person who I play against most(dwarfs) buys for his 1000 points list a lot of different units.He first wants to have them all.

    For his list he uses:

    a thane 1
    warriors 16
    thunderes 10
    longbeards 10
    slayers 10
    the warmachine which hits automatic. 1

    I made up this list.Pleasse give comment on which units are good and which are bad.

    - a tomb prince with spear of antharak

    *goes with tomb guard

    - a liche priest with cloak of the dunes and a hieratic jar.

    -10 skeleton archers
    -10 skeleton archers

    -11 tomb guard with standard of icon of rakaph.
    -3 chariots with full command and mirage standard
    - a tomb scorpion

    I have 25 points left to spent On things but cant really think of any.

    The tomb guard are going to be converted saurus warriors who are turned into skeletons.So they are like big bad skeletons.

    I thought of using the chariots to charge in his flank, bury the scorpion,use the archers to shoot down his thunderers unit first, and start with his other units after that. ( I can kill 1 thunderer per 10 shots)
    The tomb guard with tomb prince walk slowly forward if most of the fire has been shot down or killed by the chariots,the scorpion and my bow fire.

    the liche priest stays behind and casts incantations on the skeleton archers.

    what do you think??


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    Son of LO Wolf_Pack's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
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    150 (x8)

    you need a bigger block of tomb guards, to go vs is block of warriors

    a catapult would do better than archers, and you want to shoot the crap out of the slayers before they hit CC.(they have no save so shooting at anything esle would not do any good.

    anyway, good luck ^_^
    Best Regards,

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    LO Zealot Grimbog Elf Ater's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
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    I think that you need a big block of spearmen rather than Tomb Guard. That way you can auto-break your enemies through your fear causing and run them down as they flee from your troops. Keep the prince with spear with the skeleton warriors, he&#39;d be awesome&#33;

    Everything else is ok, the only think I&#39;d possibly consider changing is the chariots for 3 ushabti.
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