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Thread: 1500 Pts Army

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    Hi i just joined this forum. Im starting a TK army of 1500 pts. It uses speed and fear to rout your enemy. IT is important to try dividing your opponenets army. It is a very strange one with no battline! Please comment on this:


    Tomb Prince 201 pts
    lite armor
    Golden Eye of Rat-nutt

    Lich Preist 165 pts
    Hieratic Jar
    Dispel Scroll

    Icon Bearer 115 pts
    Lite armor
    Mirage Standard
    Mounted on steed

    Core units:
    16 Skeleton Archers 169 pts
    Light armor

    8 Lite horsemen 133 pts

    4 tomb swarms 180 pts

    Special units:
    Tomb Scorpion 85 pts

    2 squadrons of 3 chariots 170 pts each
    Full Command both

    Rare Units:
    SSC 110 pts
    Skulls of the Foe
    1498 pts

    Combo: Have the icon bearer join the light horsemen make killing them very hard!

    P.S. If you want to order this army, i would not recomend ordering it from buywargames.com from my past few expeirences. It took more then a month for this army to get to me.

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    Tomb princes on chariots alone attract alot of hate. Also his incantation will only effect himself but putting him in a unit will make the golden eye less potent.

    You could trade the dispell scroll for the cloak of the dunes to make him harder to hit.

    The icon bearer is usually a bad pic, due to the need from more spells, and the lack of a need for more combat resolution protection, becaue they ussually win by counter chargeing and not in straight forward combat. The light cav unit will attract some shooting from enemies thinking it's an east target, and will be thwarted a little by the mirage standard, and if your unit has a stone thrower it will probably be too far away from your core to attract it's fire, as they ussaully miss single units.

    Core Units:

    Musicians suck for TK, and units like your archer unit don't hit hard enough hand to hand. Champions only attack extra in melee, never in ranged. Drop them both and from both units and take a standard with the archers if you inted to use them to take hits from the front to allow you to set up flank charges.

    8 with a charecter is too wide, slim them down. If you are even going to keep them.

    Tomb swarms in large units ussualy don't take charges well at all, as they will take almost all the hits by WH standards and not hit very hard back. 2 swarm bases are S6 however and can flank charge, or use ICFB to show up and eat some shooters and seige engineers (maybe). I don't ussually take them at all.

    Special units:

    Scorpions good.

    Take the muciscians out of the Chariots units, they suck, and possibly the standard, as the will be flank charging.



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    Ok, here's a revised version, using sceadu's comments and other changes i decided to make:


    Tomb Prince 182 pts
    Armor of the Ages

    Liche Preist 145 pts
    Neferra's plaque of mighty incantations

    Liche Preist 168 pts
    Staff of Ravening

    Core Units

    16 Skeleton Warriors 128 pts

    16 Skeleton Warriors 154 pts
    Hand Weapons
    Light Armor
    Standard Bearer

    3 units of 5 Heavy Horsemen 80 pts each

    2 tomb swarms 90 pts

    Special Units

    2 units of 3 chariots 120 pts each

    Tomb scorpion 85 pts

    Rare Units
    SSC 90 pts

    1499 pts

    I decided to keep the tomb prince ono the chariot, mainly because this is a swift army, and i want to group it with chariots. I thought about cloak of dunes, but i then couldn't take any items to help defend my prince.

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