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Thread: need help

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    need help

    Hi i am a VC player and i am going to face a TK. I rely on my characters to win like most VC players and though im prtty experienced in WHFB i have no idea whatsoever on the potentcy of TK characters. The game is 2500 Points and this is my lord and general

    Blood Dragon Lord: Nightmare w/ barding, Lance, hand weapon, Red Fury, Heart Peircing, Master Strike, Strength of Steel.

    Basically 6 Strength 8 Attacks with killing blow and re-roll misses.

    Also i know a little bit about The Curse and Vamp Lords have LD 10 so i dont think it will be a problem, any input would be helpful

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    WEll, Tk chars are tough, but not as tough as a vampire.

    I guess he will either put him in a chariot+unit, and just crush your bloodragon on the charge, or just won't go near you chars with his heroes and such.

    Guess he sends a Tomb scorpion at you, trying to killing blow or at least deal some wounds.

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