I have a game of Warhammer scheduled tonight with a friend who plays Bretonnia, (I play tomb kings) and normally, I wouldn't mind performing to my normally poor standards and losing, but our store is running a summer campaign and I wouldn't mind doing better than usual. =)

So I'm here to ask advice on fighting Bretonnia. I'm sorry if this sounds like a "Help me without me doing any work" kind of post, but nobody else plays them, thus I have never played them. (The friend recently purchased them.)

His army, following the campaign rules .. is a bit funny. He is using his lord type character (No clue about the name though, sorry.) with a mark or oath, or whatever special thing Bretonnian characters can take, which lets him reroll to hit and to wound in challenges, so I'm considering staying well away from those.

He aquired a territory last night which allows him to take Grail knights now, so those will be something to deal with as well.

The games are set at 1600 points to start, and from what I've seen, he has been using 3 units of knights, and one of about 16 bowmen.

I watched a bit of a game yesterday and he lost to a goblins player, because he couldn't deal with so many huge units.. Good news for a Tomb kings player?

I usually run a Liche High priest, liche priest, and a tomb prince. (Only 3 magic items allowed throughout, and only 3 heroes / or 2 and 1 Lord are allowed.)

25 skeleton spearmen, no light armor, but full command.
23 Skeleton spearmen, geared the same.
24 Bowmen, in two groups of 12
3 Ushabti
3 Chariots. (Thinking of popping my Tomb prince into one and having him tag along as well.)

Any help with fighting bretonnians, or how I could shape my list into a more dead bretonnian friendly type list would be much appreciated. Thanks.