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Thread: GT Review

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    GT Review

    Hi Guys,
    Well I'm back from the GT in Nottingham and am pleased to be able to say that I qualified for the Final...just. It was a great time but a few important points came out of it:
    1) Unless you are going to plan your whole stratergy on beaten by and outnumbering, fear causing enemy and crossfiring with carrion, then dont take big units, 3-4 will do just fine.
    2) There were soooo many tk armies with 3 Scorpions. This can be devestating but the problem is that they are support units, not solo artists.

    3) Dragons: Im not joking, there were 150 armies there this weekend, and I would say about 40 contained a dragon. These guys are terrible particularly for TK's as we hasve relitvly few units that can deal with them. Catapults are okay if you hit dead on to get the strength 8, but otherwise, even Ushabti are hiting and wounding on 4's.

    4) Thorek: Good news on this one. Although there were loads of Thorek armies there, they modified his rules (much to dwarf players disgust) to say he only gets his reroll once per game, rather than once per turn, which makes him slightly less potent. I wouldn't be suprised if that didn't become an official amendment.

    5) Other thoughts) Lots of Wood Elf Armies with treemen (yay!) Special characters worked on the whole aslong as you don't over estimate them if you face them. It may be worth thinking up some really abusive Khalida lists for you next torny.

    Will Adams

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    Thanks for the report Will!(Y)

    Interesting point about the carrion, as i've always liked big units myself.

    Good to hear about Thorek though. Although i'm a dwarf player myself, i usually never take him as i think he's a wee bit too good. Then again i'm against special characters being used in tourneys in general^_^



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