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Thread: High T armies

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    High T armies

    Hey all. I'm having some trouble with a high T army (forest spirits specifically). I'm wondering how you manage to outnumber them to not get flanke dall over the place and still kill a few.

    I tried a list last night that looked like this:

    Hieractic Jar, Cloak of Dunes
    Staff of Ravening

    25 SW full upgrade, standard
    25 SW full upgrade, standard
    25 TG banner of the undying legion
    4 Ushabti
    1 Scorpion

    or something similar and I was playing an army like this:

    Highborn on Dragon
    two large units of dryads, one with a branchwraith
    15 Eternal Guard
    20ish Glade Guard
    and like 5 or 6 treekin

    I simply could not kill his treespirits. The glade guard and EG basically all died but everything else lived. I didn't have enough units to flank much as they were all occupied in some way shape or form and he slowly chipped away at my units while I frantically tried to ressurect and learned the hard way not to do anything else.

    So what do you guys recommend? I'm thinking a more "macho" list is in order..something with a lot more Ushabti and chariots and only 2 units of 20 SW with no upgrades to sponge..getting rid of the TG ..and just putting in mor eushabti..

    I'm also thinking against high T armies a King might be a good idea instead of a High Priest although it was fun throwing all that magic around..and maybe a catapult to take care of again..high T..

    But that's what I"m thinking in hindsight..what do you guys usually do in this scenario?

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    Fighting forrest spirits can be tough. As a TK and WE player, I would know. But there are some fundamental janken that can be played to your advantage.

    First off, the SSC pwns Treemen. If you can hit a Treeman dead on with the catapult (which is saying something, but still), then you'll wound it on a 2+, ignore it's armor save (because the SSC is a stone thrower), ignore it's ward save (because the SSC's attacks are magical) and will cause D6x2 wounds (because the SSC's attacks are also flaming). This goes for Treekin also.

    Dryads. I'll admit, for thier points cost, Dryads are a steal. But they still suffer from the disadvantages of most skirmisher units: no ranks, no standard, usually outnumbered. Big blocks of infantry are the way to go against Dryads, and I mean skeletons. Even better are Tomb Guard because they are stronger, tougher, and their attacks are magical too, so the Dryads don't get their ward save.

    As for the dragon, it's best to hit it with a skeleton block and then flank it with a hard hitter (Chariots, Ushabti, Bone Giant). It's easier said than done, but if you want to beat it, that's the best way that I've found.

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    If it's high toughness armies you're worried about, i would drop the staff of ravening personally.

    I also think that SSC are the way to go. They are quite cheap given what they do, and magical, flaming attacks aren't something WE enjoy^_^

    For characters i quite like a TK, with a TP riding with some chariots and a couple of HP for good measure. With this set up you can throw quite a few spells at them. Esp with the banner of the undying legion and the Heiratic Jar in there as well(Y)

    Chariots are also good, a unit of four can really do some damage when they crash into something, even more so when a Prince is riding in one of them^_^



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