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    Icon Bearer Use?

    Im away from home at the moment, and unfortunately dont have my TK army on me.
    Now, i know the TK icon bearer is generally seen as the worst unit in the game ever! but i think i may have found a use for him. i was wondering if maybe someone with access to their army coud try it out and let me know if itsany good.

    Ok, so, possibly only at 2K so as not to use up any vtal slots at lower points, but:
    Icon bearer on horse with a war banner(or other magic banner) (100 pts ish)
    put him in a unit of 9 heavy cavalry with music and banner with banner of undying legion (180 pts ish)

    a possible good, overlooked use for the 2 most useless units in the TK army!! if anyone gets the chance to try it out, let me know how it goes.

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    icon bearer of bad news

    First of all, I am no authority on Tomb Kings. Is anyone on anything for that matter?

    However, when I first started to play my army I often took the Icon Bearer, having "undying" Tomb Gaurds with the Rahaphs Reform or simply to bolster those constructs. I have found though, that Iam better served to have the more versatile lich of even a priest to grant that extra move or healing.

    I was toying with the idea of using an IB in a large point game, 3000+ where you get a few extra hero choices but none of the lists I wrote ever let him stay.

    The two banners he can take, the sand storm one and the hidden dead both seem fun, the sand storm one was actually useful and was a nasty surprise, but you just need the slots better spent.

    I would like to find a good use for the poor fellah but he seems better suited to being just a simple standard bearer rather than the false prophet point sink role that he sadly excells at.

    I know you wanted to see what he was like in that "full command nine strong heavy cavalry unit." What are you looking to do with those horsemen? Pull a flank out of a flag with the "hidden dead"?
    Not a bad use, but, that priest I mentioned could help do the same, albeit not quite so suddenly, but than he can put his various magic to use in other ways.
    Or even the solid choice of chariots, 3 of those would be lovely flanking friends to the horsemen.
    Remember that the hidden dead has a low point limit and is, like the "sand storm", just one use. Liches are forever!
    Hope this was a help in driving in the nail, for the billionth time, on that poor icon bearers coffin or sarcophacan'tspellit.

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