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    Praise for the Chariots!

    In a 3 way game vs. High Elves and Orks, the Chariots of Tomb King Palos helped secure victory with a rather simple and I thought maybe a little bit dirty, of a tactic.

    The North block of my army, a stone thrower, 3 Chariots and 4 ushabti, bolstered by the High Priest Elkenah faced off agaisnt 7 Dragon princes, six silver helms, 15 phoenix guard, 11 archers, a bolt thrower and three elvin wizards.

    Between us was a hill with two large standing stones at the crest with about a 3-4 inch gap, which the elves used to hide from my stone thrower. His 4th level wizard came along side the north of the hill ready to unleash "lore of light" death upon my troops, while far to the south the Orks crept from the muddy farm fields and forest. All my foot sloggers, prince, low level priests and 2nd stone thrower were facing the Orks and could lend me no support in facing the elves who 'out pointed' my North force nearlt 3-1.

    As the Phoenix guard rounded the south of the hill, and the wizard to the north, the silver helms rode up towards the crest of the hill and pranced between the standing stones, the Dragon princes coming up behind them, but with two wide a frontage to fit between, perhaps they were making ready to move North or South of the hill.

    Death, for the second time I suppose, was coming for the Tomb Kings...

    However, the Chariots saved the day. Elkenah flew up, with the Cloak of the Dunes, hugging the western edge of the standing stones out of any charge arc or missle fire, he tried to unleash a swarm of locusts agasint the high elf...dispelled! The chariots than charged, aided by the high priest. The wizard fled and was caught! hahaha.

    On the next turn, now facing a likely flank charge by the Dragon Princes the Chariots swung back west and on the crest of the hill blocked from being charged by the standing stones, with majik they charged the phoenix guard. Helped by ushabti the guard broke and was caught by the ush. who over ran into the Silver Helms who also broke and fled!
    Outnumbering& fear broke the Helms.
    The Dragon princes now charged the Ushabti who were between the standing stones. The Chariots again proved there worth by quickly flying around the north stone and setting up for a magically aided flank charge agaisnt the Princes. Princes fled due to outnumbering and fear, the chariots caught them and fleeing elvin archers grinding them into the mud as an afterthought!

    The manouverablity of those Chariots is amazing! Of course it needs a little help from a lich or two, but the incantations are the heart of our army after all.

    Now with the elves chased off with little damage done to Palos's troops, the Orks were beaten as well, thankfully they had been slow moving, and it really went down to the wire against their greater numbers and nasty Black Ork bashability.

    I wonder if this should have half went into a battle report, but it was more a praise and explanation for the wonder of the TK chariots. For less than 200 points, they played a pivitol role in chasing off and killing off close to 2000 points of elves.

    They really took advantage of their reforming ability around those standing stones on the hill to avoid being charged and instead did all the charging... that being said, they needed the help of the Ushabti and the High Priest!

    Anyways.... does anyone else have examples of good use of their movement to perform tricky tactics?:ninja:

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    No other examples here, but orcs, not orks .

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