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    I'm a New Guy in Need of Help

    Hello there fellow gamers. I would like to extend my collection and start a new army. However I'm deciding on whether or not to play Dark Elves or Tomb Kings(I would like to play something that most people don't at the store) I currently play beasts slaanesh, hordes slaanesh, teentzh undivided, and daemonic legions tzeentch, slaanesh, and undivided. Also I play empire. I have the army book for tomb kings though I would like some 'inside' information before starting to buy the models. I really like the idea of tomb kings. I'm into Egyptian mythology and all that stuff.

    What are the no's for magical items? And on that note, what is a magical item that I must take and why?

    What are some units that should be taken and avoided?
    As I look in the book, I think I might run 2 scorpions, the flyers, and a unit of ushabti. For my special.
    For ym rare, I really like the concept of the catapult. And I was thinking about running two each with the skull of foes. I Figured both with the upgrade would cost the same amount of points as 1 bone giant. Should I switch this up because even though I like catapults, I like the idea of one terror causeing model, which can really ruin units in close combat.

    What type of core should I lean towards? All chariots, all infantry? Or does that just simply boil down to what type of player you are?

    Any help would be great. Thank You.

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    All of the units have there use depending on how you want to play. A few that I almost always include are the Carrion(awesome unit!) @6 strong, 1 scorpion(sometimes2), Chariots and the Screamingskull.

    I have been having a good time with "heavy"(ha) and light horsemen in a High priest led army that includes a bunch of Ushabti(4-. When I play my King I go Chariot heavy, sometimes as many as 12.

    Bowmen are a unit I like to take, great for taking out those light armored troops (squigs hop to mind) or things like dryads hiding in the woods(always hitting on 5's is great) and than reforming into a block when battle draws near.

    I really like the giant(although I favor my Reaper model over the GW one) but he is not a real killer in combat. He does have the potential for damage though, so some opponents will spend too many resources to take him out which is good for the rest of your force. He can be quick enough to scoot into a flank charge, and combined with a real heavy hitter like chariots of Tomb Guard he'll do well. Don't think that the giant will take on too much alone, once in a while luck will help you, but too often he gets overwhelmed. If you want to spread terror, stick the Death Mask on a character for 35 pts.

    Don't be fooled into thinking that you have to run a magic heavy list. Many of our units can do well without Liches to back them up, like Chariots, Carrion and Scorpions, even H.Horsemen can do there bit.

    As for the best magic items? The cloak is nearly canon for the hierophant. The Staff of Ravening can draw out dispel dice or vaporize enemy mages. Nef's plauqes are pretty handy on a preist. I like using an Icon Bearer with Rakaphs icon in a Unit of Tomb Guard with the Sacred Eye, makes killing blow that much more likely, and the icon lets you widen your line just before the charge. I like the spear of Antarak also.

    I don't think the poison staff is popular(or worthwhile), Petras shield doesn't seem to get much play. I usually stick great weapons on my fighters. I am sure others have more to say on the Do's and Don'ts of magic.

    Hope this helps!

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