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    2000 Pt Escalation League List

    I am going to be joining an escalation league at a local gaming shop that will start in November, so as a way of planning I will ask your humble opinion right now so I can plan for the future. The games start at 1000 pts. and go up 500 pts for each month thereafter, untill we reach 2000 pts in January, but the list we enter with is the list for the entire month. So now that you have the backgroung here is the 2000 pt list:

    Blood Dragon Count (Level 2) riding a barded nightmare with a ring of the night, red fury, and a sword of might.


    Necromancer (Level 2) with a power stone.
    Necromancer (Level 2) with a dispel scroll and a book of arkhan.
    Necromancer (Level 2) with a dispel scroll.

    19 skeletons with full command and light armor

    19 skeletons with full command, light armor and spears

    10 ghouls.

    5 dire wolves.

    5 dire wolves.


    4 fell bats.

    8 black knights with full command and riding barded nightmares

    21 grave guard with shields and full command

    9 Power Dice and 6 Dispel Dice
    (With this list I have 7 extra points)

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    a few comments about the list in general:
    1. do you really need the three necromancers? it worries me that you might be sacrificing the extra combat abilities of a thrall for another 2 power dice,
    2. nine ghouls is probably just as good as ten, they don;t get rank bonus anyway and ten panic as quick as nine.
    3. drop the spears on the skeleton unit, they are not really woth it IMHO, the five attacks from the rear rank is usually not going to kill anything!
    4. 8 black knights? I presume you know that for a rank you need five models? I would field nine if I was playing them at 2k. But I think they are too expensive really.
    5 Grave guard? how will you rank them up? they could also do with a war banner as they will struggle to break enemy units without a thrall or counts fighting power.
    6. magic generally, you could do with squeezing the periat in there somewhere, its well worth it! also consider is the sword of might a good idea for the count? perhaps a lance and re-roll misses on first round would be as good?

    Just my two pennies worth, let me know what you think
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