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Thread: Comp 2,000

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    Comp 2,000

    Ok, been play testing for a few weeks now. Tried Blood Knights, Varghulfs, Wraiths, Massed Infantry and about everything else going and here's what I've come up with in the end. It's based around a solid magic phase with lots of raise spells being the main spells and then having the Lord and hopefully one of the heroes having Vanhels - this combined with 4 bound spells turns the army into a well oiled machine.

    The Army deploys very tight with the Wolves and Bats on the outside of the formation, but still very close by. Wraiths are there for the punch and the Lord, while a potent wizard, can defend himself from the almost inevitable combat he will find himself being forced into.

    Awesome Von Carstein
    Level 3 Wizard
    Summon Creatures of the Night
    Master of the Black Arts
    Lord of the Dead
    Avatar of Death
    Enchanted Shiled
    Talisman of Lycni
    Crown of the Damned
    Blood Drinker

    Master Of The Black Arts
    Book of Arkhan
    Biting Blade

    Master Of The Black Arts
    Helm Of Commandment
    Black Periapt

    Dark Acolyte
    Lord of the Dead
    Rod Of Flaming Death

    Skeletons x15
    Full Command

    Skeletons x15
    Full Command

    Zombies x20

    Dire Wolves x6
    Doom Wolf

    Cairn Wraiths x5

    Fell Bats x3

    Corpse Cart

    Corpse Cart

    PD: 15 - 16
    DD: 7 - 8
    Bound Spells: 4

    Comments & Suggestions Please!

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    /botnobot/ DavidWC09's Avatar
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    Wow, when I first read through it I thought I wasn't going to like it. I saw those four characters and thought That's an ass-load of points in vampires!

    But after I scanned through it, you still managed to pack in a lot of units. Two carts, three ranked units, fell bats, dire wolves, and cairn wraiths.

    I would've started the skeleton units bigger since you can only increase dire wolves and fell bats with summon creatures of the night.

    None of your non-hero units are really kick butt combat units, which means you'll rely on vampires to boost combat res.

    It's a cool list. It'd be fun to try out. With my luck, I'd miscast the whole time.
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