I just joined this forum and it looks like a really great community. So I wanted to post a list and gather feedback / experinece of other players.

After playing a few games with the new VC book. I have learned some things which have influced this list.

(1 Everyone expects magic heavy and tries to load up on dispel dice/ scorlls
(2 You can spend alot of points on characters usually to the determint of your army
(3 Zombies do not suck (I just have read this complaint by some people)
(4 Vampires need saves


Vampire General
Dark acolyte, Avatar of death, and sword of battle

Dark acolyte, Avatar of death and Biting blade

Wight King
Skeletal mount, lance (this guy may under rated by players)

total power die: 6
total dispel die: 4


24 Skeletons
full command, banner of dead legion (great for autobraking)
General's unit

24 skeleltons
full command, War banner
Other Vampire goes here

20 Zombies

20 Zombies
(targeted with innvocation early on zombies ranks will swell to enoromus size and should tarpit extremely well. use againt oppenents best units)

5 dire wolves

5 dire wolves


9 black knights
standard, champion, banner of Strigos
Wight king goes here (the hammer unit, I found 5-6 kingts were to fragile and always died but did great while on the table so I beefed them up. no barding because those extra 2 inches really matter)

4 fell bats

I took no rare units as I feel they are either too costly at low points or are esstentially support units.