Here's my fist 1k VC's, just not sure about it since I've never played them before. Been checking out other lists tho, and it's seems Ive chosen similar units (pretty much through chance), so, all comments welcome!

H - Vampire
Dark Acolate
Lord of the Dead
Flayed Hauberk
Black Periapt
Talisman of Lynci

H - Necromancer
Invocation of Nehek
Book of Arkhan

C - 20x Skeletons
F/C, Banner of the Dead Legion

C - 20x Zombies

C - 10x Crypt Ghols

C - 5x Dire wolves

C - 5x Dire wolves

S - 4x Fell Bats

R - Vargulf

TOTAL - 997

Tactics wise, I was thinking of Holding the centre with my big, healable blocks, flanked by Ghouls. Vargi, Wolves and Bats can work down flanks, targetting what they can.

REgards, Tim