So, I'm trying to figure out how to build the vanguard of Count Mannfred's army. Unless there's a novel I missed, there isn't really too much fluff about the actual makeup for the army. Ghouls and Zombies didn't seem right for such a force. The crown of Sylvanian might should be fronted by the silent inexorable advance of eternal undeath, not slavering masses of debased bodies and shambling hordes. The density of magic banners taken down from the vaulted halls of castle drakenhof is also meant to go with the theme.

I really wanted Mannfred to be the only vampire and have the two vamps be necros, but the army just seemed totally unplayable if Mannfred was the only caster who could raise skeletons past their starting size.

An alternative I was thinking about was to trade in the two packs of dogs for corpse carts ( and drop a cairn wraith to make up pts)

Lords & Heroes: 1055 (makes me cringe, but I guess 1/3 characters is the reality for VC)

Count Mannfred - Barded NightMare, Black Periapt, Skull Staff

Vampire - Lord of Death, Extra Magic Lvl, Staff of Noirot

Vampire - Lord of Death, Avatar of Death

Wight King BSB

Wight King

Core - 800

20 Skeletons - Command, Banner of Endless Nightmare

20 Skeletons - Command, Banner of the Dead Legion

10 Skeletons - Command, Spears, Banner of Hellfire

10 Skeletons - Command, Spears

10 Dogs

10 Dogs

Special - 915

20 Grave Guard - Command, Screaming Banner

20 Grave Guard - Command, Banner of Barrows

20 Grave Guard - Command, Great Weaps

Rare - 225

4 Cairn Wraiths - Banshee upgrade