I've only ever played a couple of games of Warhammer, using other peoples armies, but I've read through the rules and lurked this site quite a bit, so I think this list should be somewhat decent. Help modifying it would be great though.

Vampire Lord: 350
Dark Acolyte
Master of the Black Arts
Summon Creatures of the Night
Additional Magic Level

Vampire: 145
Battle Standard
Avatar of Death

Necromancer: 90
Book of Arkhan

Necromancer: 55

20 Zombies: 80

20 Zombies: 80

25 Skeletons: 208
Standard Bearer

3 Fell Bats: 60

3 Fell Bats: 60

5 Dire Wolves: 40

20 Grave Gaurd: 278
Great Weapons
Standard Bearer

Corpse Cart: 100

Varghulf: 175

5 Cairn Wraiths: 275
Tomb Banshee

Power Dice: 11
Dispell Dice: 7
Bound Spells: 2
Total: 1996

I don't want to go to heavy on magic, as that would make for a boring game IMO. But I don't want to skimp on it either. With my 7 dispell dice and balefire, I should have decent enough magic protection and as long as my lord raises my fell bat units to a decent strength on the first turn, I'll be happy.

So is this list fine? The dire wolves (which I can raise) and banhees will be my flanking units, fell bats and varghulf will be warmachine hunting and picking up other odd jobs (would fell bats be able to rear flank people? I'm guessing I could get thm up to 6 or 7 on the first turn, so they'd be able to withstand a bit). Gravegaurd will be a heavy hitting core unit, with my vampire joining them and a corpse cart near by to give them ASF, skeletons will hide my general and maybe take on some weaker enemy units.

I'd like to include another corpse cart in there, for additional magic defense and I'd possibly want to give my lord some type of ward save, but since I'd like to keep him out of any dangerous combat anyways, I think it'd be kind of pointless. I might want to get rid of Cairn Wraiths, but they're my main flanking unit and I don't think twice as many black knights would be better...