Ok so this is my list thus far it's meant to be balanced in magic and killing power (thus i have count mannfred as my casty vampire/general and a vampire lord on a zombie dragon 8X)
I'm not sure if i should keep the two smaller units of barded black knights or make it one large unit and use the extra points from the command to either make it even bigger, make the grave guard bigger or to give the skeletons more people/magic banners. what do you think? with this list all i have to go out and by is a pack of dire wolves and everybody else i can field. also should i have a BSB? if so should i put it on a vampire so he can take vampire powers (either dark acolyte or walking death comes to mind) or keep it on a tougher wight king?

Count Mannfred (General) 600
Barded Nightmare
Skull Staff; Staff of Damnation
Vampire Lord 650
Red Fury; Dark Acolyte
Dreadlance; Cadaverous Cuirass, Talisman of Protection
Zombie Dragon
Vampire 190
Dark Acolyte
Lord of the Dead
Helm of Commandment; Black Periapt
Wight King 130
Sword of Kings; Balefire Spike; Barded Skeletal Steed
Necromancer 220
On Corpse Cart w/Balefire
Extra Spell (Invocation; Raise Dead)
Sceptre de Noirot; Dispel Scroll
20 Skeletons w/Spears 188
11 Skeletons w/Spears 107
20 Skeletons 168
30 Zombies 120
10 Crypt Ghouls 88
6 Dire Wolves 58
Doom Wolf
6 Dire Wolves 58
Doom Wolf
10 Grave Guard w/Great Weapons 179
Seneschal; Standard; Banner of the Dead Legion
10 Black Knights 325
Hell Knight; Standard; Banner of Barrows
5 Black Knights 207
Hell Knight; Standard; Barded; Royal Standard of Strigos
5 Black Knights 212
Hell Knight; Standard; Barded; Screaming Banner

Total Power Dice: 14
Total Dispel Dive: 8