20 skeletons full command
- Banner of hellfire 190
Vampire lord
-master of the black Arts
-lord of the Dead
-helm of Commandment
-Flayed Haubark
- Staff of Damnation 445

20 Skeletons Full command
- spears (mostly due to models already being equipped)
- Banner of the Dead Legion 225
- Ghoulkin
- Summon Creature of the Night
- cadaverous Cuirass
- dispell Scroll
- biting Blade 185

14 Crypt Ghouls with Ghast 120
Vampire Lord
- Red fury
- Summon ghouls
- infinate hatred
- Nightshroud
- blood Drinker
- Book of Arkhan 390

10 crypt ghouls with ghast 88

5 Dire Wolves 40

5 Fell Bats 100

5 Black Knights full Command
- barding
- Banner of the Barrows 225
Wight King
- Barded steed
- Sword of Kings 120

Corpse Cart with Balefire 100

5 Blood knights Full Command
- Sword of Might
- Royal standard of Strigows 375
- Dreadknight
- Supernatural Horror
- Drakenhoff Banner 300

Varghulf 175

Black Coach 200

-+necro spell (Raise dead and danse)
- Corpse cart with Balefire
- Dispell Scroll
- Sceptre de Noirot 220

My force should hit fast and hard. the coach on t1 will start near a minimum of 2-3 casters, hoping to absorb as many die as possible, After that will be close to the BSB till it hits close to full strength. My two units of knights should dish out a lot of damage as hopefully the Black knights will hit first, with the blood on the flanks.

What was odd, and will take a lot of heat is the Vamp lord with the night shroud, but wouldn't it be funny if on turn too charged by chaos knights who cant attack till after my lord rips them a new a**.

They general unit will hopefully not see a ton of combat, due to the helm, but is supported with the hellfire banner so should be able to hit most things.

wolves and bats should skirt the outside with the vargulf close behind to clean up the mess.

this setup should give me 13power dice and 8 dispell dice

comments Appreciated