What do you think? am i set? should i take the black knights or more grave guard?
i'm also worried about my magic

PD: 5
DD: 4

Vampire (General) 175
Dark Acolyte; Lord of the Dead
Helm of Commandment
Vampire 190
Avatar of Death; Walking Death
Walach’s Bloody Hauberk (join the skellies or the grave guard)
Wight King 225
BSB; Drakenhof Banner (joining the graveguard)
30 Skeletons 285
Full Command; War Banner
20 Zombies 88
Corpse Cart w/Balefire 100
14 Grave Guard w/Great Weapons 200
Musician; Standard
5 Black Knights 136

10 Grave Guard 150
Full Command
(drop 2 skellies)