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    friendly 300 Re-enactment Force vs. high elves

    me nd my friend are doing a rather interesting scenario, he'll be high elves and i'll be vampire counts and we are essentially re-enacting the battle for Thermopylae. but there are severe limitations on both our army lists. we may have one lord choice (our only character choice) and he gets one elite unit and i can have a unit of grave guard but the rest must be core; but i must take the majority zombies as my troops. also he is not allowed to do magic and i'm only allowed to add to my existing troops and his army is unbreakable.

    In addition i have 400 more points than him but these must be core as well and this is the flanking force.

    he'll win if he kills 1400 pts i'll win if i wipe him out before that happens

    so here's my list: a couple things, should i take nightshroud to get the first hit in or should i take flayed hauberk for the good save?
    Vampire Counts 1795
    Vampire Counts Main Force 1399
    Vampire Lord 400
    Red Fury; Infinite Hatred; Beguile
    Blood Drinker; Nightshroud; Crown of the Damned
    29 Grave Guard 403
    Full Command; Banner of the Dead Legion
    50 Zombies 200
    50 Zombies 200
    49 Zombies 196
    Vampire Counts Flanking Force 396
    20 Ghouls 168
    1 Ghast
    26 Skeletons 228
    Full Command

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    Really it depends on how your scoring things.

    If you're going the normal way and if you raise a unit back up above half strength he longer gets points for it, then you should be ok as long as you maximise you're invocation spam (maybe switch Red Fury for Master of the Black Arts).

    If everything he kills gives him points which then can't be taken away then you're in deep trouble as zombies are utter rubbish and will just be gifting his ASF high elves victory points. Everything you raise back will just be giving him even more potential points with which to achieve victory.

    His Unbreakable army also removes one of the VC's biggest advantages.

    About the other things, I'd say keep the Nightshroud. Allways Strike First and high initiative are the 2 main ways the fragile elves stay alive, by denying them that you're making it much easier for your lord to survive, not by armour save but by killing stuff before they get a chance to wound him.

    You've said it's a friendly game, but if you change your mind and decide to go all out to win then I'd reccomend focusing the lord onto magical stuff to exploit the already establiished lack of magic defence in the high elf army. Forbidden Lore would be brilliant as it would allow either:
    - Lore of Fire: Cause damage as you move up then Flaming Sword to bitch slap stuff in combat.
    - Lore of Metal: Rule of burning Iron to assassinate his character, Spirit of the Forge for killing his units and Transmutation of Lead to drastically reduce his combat effectiveness.
    - Lore of Heavens: Uranions Thunderbolt, no armour saves allowed is great. Also the Spartans fought in the shade as the Persian's arrows blocked out the sun, the High Elves can fight in the shade of a Comet of Cassandora screaming down towards them (just remember it's a Remains in play spell).
    - Lore of Light: Dazzling brightness, ASF is less effective when you're WS1, and Cleansing Flare, if the scenery is also reminiscent of the battle of Thermapolea then everything is going to be bunched up nicely for those D6 S5 hits to every unit in 12".
    - Lore of Death: 2 magic missles, Steal soul to assassinate his character and keep your lord alive and Drain Life for more mayhem amongst bunched up units.

    Or, if you don't want to go the whole hog with exploiting his lack of magic defence, but want to exploit it a little then 3 words:
    Hand of Dust.
    Once you get into combat start you're magic phase as normal, draw out his 2 dispel dice and then BAM! 2D6 S5 hits on the unit you're fighting. Assuming you don't roll a 1 the next magic phase is going to be interesting as he's torn between stopping your raising or stopping the Hand.

    Another thing to remember is that with only 1 vampire your army is going to be slower than most VC armies, unless you bunch up real close. Doesn't help the flanking force though.
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    2000AD's answer to all "How do VC deal with ..." questions: Forbidden Lore + 2 Power Stones.
    Further answers will require more vodka.

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