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    Friendly Zombie Dragon 2v2 list

    been playing in leagues and tourneys for a long time where my lists were meant to be more on the competive side but now some friends have gotten into WFB and we've been playing 2v2 to play big games while building up our armies (stuff like 600-100 pts apiece) (dwarfs and wood elves V goblins and ogres normally, we all started a new army and i started dwarfs)

    now my friends have enough for 2000 pts and want to try lords out but i don't feel like buying more dwarfs or like proxying and i miss the VC. before this we've always used the allies chart (played one game at 1400 apiece with VC and goblins v. wood elves and ogres) but then we randomized teams so now it's ogres and VC v elves and goblins ;? i know wood elves and goblins lol

    also in this game we're playing we can't consult the our teammates in building our lists just for more craziness lol. taht being said i thought i'd just have fun and bring a zombie dragon! haven't used the model in a while so i think it'll be fun to bring it out again, although this assures us that my side will be totally outnumbered but i can get a first turn charge with a zombie dragon when combining it with ghoulkin8X
    yes i realize i'm 1 pt over but my friends said they'd allow it as long as my teammate is 1 pt under

    Total: 2001 pts
    Characters: 1105!
    Vampire Lord 725
    extra magic level, zombie dragon!
    red fury, walking death, avatar of death (for heavy armor/shield, as it doesn't say you have to be on foot)
    dread lance, crown of the damned

    Vampire 195
    Ghoulkin, dread knight
    Balefire spike, book of arkhan

    Vampire 185
    Dark acolyte, lord of the dead
    rod of flaming death

    Core: 561
    20 Skellies 193
    standard, warbanner

    20 ghouls 168
    (lord starts in this unit for a free ride)

    19 skellies 160

    5 wolves

    Rare: 335
    4 Blood Knights
    Kastellan, Standard Flag of Blood Keep (goblin player likes war machines)
    (dread knight vamp goes here)

    PD: 8
    DD: 6
    DS: none
    BS: 2

    also another loadout for my lord:

    Vampire Lord 730
    extra magic level, zombie dragon!
    red fury, walking death, infinite hatred
    Blood Drinker, flayed hauberk, crown of the damned

    for the extra 5 pts i'd drop a skelly

    what's the verdict? chances are black orcs and a treeman will make an appearence as well as some bolt throwers, a noble that has a great weapon and movement 9 and night goblins. although if i charge a unit of night goblins with the zombie dragon using flight wouldn't the night goblins only hit me if i end up landing on them?

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    It's tough at 2000 pts, but I'd want some more speed. Like a varghulf and black knights. How in the world you'd squeeze out points for that, I don't know. But if you're going to use a dragon, I'd want to build around that dragon and have lots of fast-moving, hard-hitting units.
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